You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Flat-line When You’re Dead

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I use this statement a lot in my Facebook lives.

“Go live life” I tell the viewers. “Go do epic shit”. Stop flatlining! There’s lots of time to do that when you’re dead. I hope they get it. I hope they truly understand the deeper meaning behind it.

I’m a ballsy kinda gal. If you read any of my previous stories (surely you have, yes? 😜) you will know that I got rid of my entire life, all 53 yrs of it, packed up two suitcases and bought a one way ticket to Guatemala. That was almost 3 years ago and I’m still here.

I did that for many reasons, but at the top of the list is because I was done just existing. I was feeling like my life had no meaning, no purpose and no direction. I was using oxygen and space and co existing with the rest of humanity. And I was tired of it.

For 53 years I did what everyone else wanted me to do. I fit in, blended in and conformed. I followed rules (most) and stayed in line with the rest.


I had dreams. I had crazy ideas. I had visions (no I don’t see dead people). I was feeling too restricted and too wound up. All my life was about everyone else and I suddenly realized that my life is just as important. My dreams mattered.

My life mattered.

I played safe most of my life. I wasn’t playing safe anymore. Safe is for wimps. I started pushing envelopes and banging on doors. If a door wouldn’t open I’d kick it down. If someone said no I found someone who would say yes.

I was tired of just existing. That’s not what we’re here for. I was tired of playing small, being small and doing small things. That’s not what I’m here for. That’s not what any of us are here for.

Now I’m not suggesting you all give up your life and fly to a foreign land and start all over again, unless of course you really want to, all I’m saying is that it’s time to start living, I mean really living and not just existing.

What happens between birth and death is entirely up to you. What do you want it to look like? What do you really truly want to do? What’s keeping you from it?

There aren’t any second chances if you don’t get it right this time. I don’t know what the afterlife is like but I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to go skydiving or start up your own business there. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to apologize to the person you hurt 5 years ago.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things you won’t be able to do once you’re gone. So why aren’t you doing them now?

Fear is a son of a bitch. Excuses are bullshit. Comfort zones are ridiculous.

You want to write a book? Do it. Want to make a difference in the world? Start now. Want to travel to far off places? Go. Want to trade in your career for something else? Do it.

I did all that and if I can do it anyone can!! (too cliche?)

You want change in your life? It starts with you. You want to really live? That’s up to you!

You can flat-line later.

Peace and Love

ox iva xo

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