You know, my parents didn’t win any ‘parent of the year’ awards. Growing up, they were evil monsters. I hated them with every ounce of the blood that ran through my veins. As we all got older, mom redeemed herself, dad not so much. I hated him until the day he finally died. I’m relieved he’s finally dead.

But the point of me telling you all this is this: I know you have pain and I’m so sorry for your pain. We all feel pain. It doesn’t mine make or yours bigger or worse. Pain is pain. BUT I’ve come to forgive my parents and actually thank them for, at the very least, giving me life. Nothing more nothing less. Without them would I be here? No clue but I’m grateful I am here today, because of them.That’s all they get from me.

Thank them for the amazing life you have and for the beautiful person you are today. The end. ❤ I hope this comforts you a little ❤ I love you.

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