Why You Should Use a Company’s Facebook Page To File a Complaint

And don’t waste your time calling them

You know, as much as people love to complain about Facebook and all the evil it spews, there’s also something good to be said about it. I use Facebook mostly for my business page and to share fun photos of my adventures on my personal profile with friends and family.

For me, Facebook is a fun thing. A good thing.

It’s also been really effective for me when it’s time to lose my shit on a company that keeps giving me the run around every time I call them.

I gotta tell you, I rarely complain about anything so if I have to call someone to complain about something, trust me when I say it’s super serious.

Story #1

So this is how I found out exactly how effective filing a complaint on a company’s Facebook page really can be.

Years ago I had purchased a pair of shoes from Aldo and within a week the heel broke. I went to return them to the store and they wouldn’t take them back saying that I had already worn them and I may have been the cause of the heel breaking.


I argued with the girl at the counter to no avail. The girl was rude and wasn’t backing down for anything.The next day I had an a-ha moment and went on their Facebook page and blasted them and told them how ridiculous their return policy was and how rude the girl at the store was.

Within a week I had a new pair of shoes delivered to my door.

Wow!! Success!

And then this happened-Story #2

So fast forward to now, here I am in Mexico and I just moved into a beautiful house. The internet worked for the first week and then it just died. I phoned the internet company to get service.

24–48 hours someone will be there to fix this they tell me. Great!

2 days passed and nothing. I called again. Same story. This went on for two weeks! Yup. I called every 48 hours, and each time, they told me 24–48 hours. I was emotionally exhausted. My stress levels had reached a dangerous boiling point.

When you work from home 8–10 hours a day, reliable internet is slightly important. So for the two weeks my internet was out I used the hotspot on my phone. You can well imagine how fast I was burning through data plans.

Yup, good times indeed.

And then that a-ha moment stuck me again. You know, the Facebook page trick.

You suck and so does your service

So off I went to Facebook, found their page, left a shitty review telling them how much their customer service and tech support sucks and then found a post I was able to leave a comment on.

They had a post up about how to increase your business through their amazing Internet service bla bla bla.

I blasted them there too.

“Hard to run a business when you can’t get internet and your tech team does nothing but lie to you”

Boom! There it was.

Within two minutes an admin from the page replied to my comment and to my shitty review. I was happy to see this Facebook trick was still quite effective, even here in Mexico!

They apologized profusely, asked for more details and got to work on my issue. Within 24 hours someone from the internet company showed up at my house and, you guessed it, fixed my internet.

When that modem lit up all those magical green lights, well it was like Christmas here. I jumped around and danced and cried.

The dark ages of calling tech support

There are a few places you probably still can call tech support and get help right away. There also probably still is great customer service at physical stores.

But the truth of the matter is social media is where it’s at these days. More and more businesses are relying on social media to grow their client base and their business.

No one wants an upset customer but more than that, no one wants an upset customer blasting them publicly on their precious Facebook business page. One bad review can hurt a lot.

I took a bit of time to scroll through their page and their reviews and mine was not the only bad one. These guys have a bad rep but I’ll give them this much, they worked hard and fast to resolve the issue.

Stop calling them

If you are in the same boat, do yourself a favour, stop calling them and just go visit their Facebook page and leave a comment, message them or leave a shitty review.

Trust me, they’ll take care of you good and fast.

Man I love social media 💖😜

xo iva xo

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