Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams (no matter what)

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It’s easy to throw in the towel on our dreams sometimes, amirite? They’re taking too long, it’s frustrating, nothing’s working. I get it. But I’m gonna tell you why you should never give up on your dreams, no matter what.

I’ve recently been feeling like this. I work hard, up to 12 hours a day some days. I take little “me” breaks and then feel guilty because I think I should be working. I work til my head wants to explode.

At the end of the day, I go to bed and wonder if I accomplished anything of great value.

Did I make a difference in someone’s life today? Did I manage to touch at least one life? Am I on the right path? Is any of this working? It can all be very overwhelming sometimes.

Yup even I get like that sometimes.

I feel like giving up

There are days I just want to give up. I’m done. So done. I’m not even sure what the driving force is to keep me going. I think this work ethic is just innate now. It’s all I’ve known for the last 4 years of my freelancing career.

Work, write, engage, connect.

Rinse and repeat.

Do you feel like giving up on your dreams too?

It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, it’s lonely and it’s somewhat aggravating. When will the rewards show itself?

Some of you may have been working really hard on a project. Maybe you have a dream you’re trying to actualize. Or could it be that you have an idea or a goal you are working toward and it seems almost pointless, hopeless if you will.

There aren’t any signs or clues that you are on the right path. Nothing. Crickets. When? When will something, anything, show itself to let me know I’m doing ok and I need to stay on my path?? When?

Why you should never give up on your dreams

And then two really mind-blowing things happen to me that just confirm, I’m ok and keep going. My friend who is a podcast junkie critiques my new podcast and tells me it’s fantastic. Phew. Yay me. I’m doing ok.

And then over on Tailwind (this may be confusing for some here and I’m sorry) in a tribe I belong to over there (where we share each other’s pins) Tony Robbins is now a member and he re-pins one of my inspirational quotes.

Are you kidding me right now??

What are your big dreams and goals?

Before you give up or pack it in on your dreams I want you to ask yourself those questions and answer them honestly!

How would you feel if you gave up on your dream? Would you regret it in 10, 20 or 30 years from now? Will you have another chance to try to bring it to life?

I know how easy it is to get frustrated and want to just give up. But please don’t do that. I know it’s frustrating sometimes and it can feel pointless sometimes. I want you to do a little exercise right now for me (and for you too!!).

Grab your dream

  • envision all of it
  • how does it make you feel
  • does it make you happy or sad
  • how will it make you feel once you’ve realized it
  • if it makes you feel happy (and it should) hold on to that feeling

Anything that makes your heart sing and dance, do more of that!

As you’re working towards your dreams and goals, watch for little signs. Anything that will show you you are definitely on the right path.

Remember how your heart feels when you think about your dream. Hold on to that!!

Holding on to hope and never losing faith

Ya, it was that bad.

But what got me through those times was listening to motivational speakers and reading inspirational quotes. They all helped me to stay on course, don’t give up and persist.!!

No matter what, never give up on your dreams

Things that may be little to some people but are so huge to others, like me. Though Tony Robbins re-pinning one of my quotes isn’t exactly a little thing (though to him it might have been) it’s things like that that make me realize it’s all good. I’m on the right path.

It’s when you are at the breaking point that something usually gives. Something finally happens. Just when we’re about to give up, there’s a light.

It could be the smallest flicker of light. A tiny little flame. A spark if you will. Look for the little things that gently remind you you’re on the right path. You’re doing ok. Keep going. Don’t give up.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far. No matter what, never give up on your dreams.

You may want to check out my self-help guide From Hell to Happiness. It is jam-packed with tools and tips to help you live the life you deserve.

Or my 21 Day Life Changing Challenge Workbook might be your thing. Either way, I got you covered!

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Originally published at https://amazingmemovement.com on April 6, 2020.

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Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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