Why I’m Giving Out 50 Claps For Every Damn Story!

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I could actually start and stop this whole conversation/piece with this: Because I can.

But that’s only a teeny reason. The real reasons I am now clapping 50 times for every damn story I read go much deeper.

But let’s start from the beginning.

I have a confession to make. When I first started Medium I had no idea how the whole clap thing worked. I clapped once or twice for stories I read. You know, like the ‘Like’ button on a Facebook post. This is a cool post or a funny quote, “Like”. Done. On to the next!

So I kinda thought it was like that here too. Great story. “Clap”. Done. On to the next. Then I discovered you can clap more than once or twice. Oh? That’s cool. But how much does it cost? There’s gotta be a catch. There’s a fucking catch to everything these days.

You can clap as many times as you want and……..wait for it……………

……for free!! What?

Well I’ll be damned. That’s cool. But wait. So, is there like a clap criteria, a few certain things you gotta have before you get 50 of my claps? No clue. I asked around in a group. What’s the clap thing, how many do you give and why? I’m new here. I don’t want to look like the class loser who no one wants to be friends with because you don’t know how to follow rules and you are “different”. I’ve been there before. That shit is real and it hurts.

You know what I’m talking about.

So people share their clap criteria. It’s interesting. They are all across the board. No reason or rhyme really.

So I’m still on my best behaviour here because that whole new kid on the block thing and I shyly dole out 10–25 claps on pieces here and there. I’m playing safe. It’s all good.

I check my articles and claps range from 1–50. Of course they do. I’m super stoked when I get 50 claps. Wow you must have really loved this piece!! Thanx!

Some people give 6 or 12 or 28 and other odd numbers. That’s interesting. I finally caught on to that one. Ah I get it, round up the number. Cool. So I started doing that too.

Can you see the unusual pattern here? I’m following rules and doing what everyone else is doing. Playing safe and nice.

And then one day I read an article by Shannon and she quotes

I’ve always been generous with my applause and give out more 40 and 50 claps. It costs me nothing to be generous with clapping, yet it can make another writer’s day. Little things like that matter.

Boom! There it is! What a fucking a-ha moment for me! Why don’t I clap 50 times all the goddamn time?

I love making people feel special and putting a smile on their face. I also love reading stories and I love supporting other writers. They entertain me, educate me, comfort me and give me tons of food for thought. They are pouring out their soul to me. It takes a lot of balls to be a writer. Trust me on that one.

So why am I not supporting my fellow writers with 50 fucking claps?

It made no sense to not. They’re free for God sake Iva! Cheer them on! Show them how awesome they are! Be their cheerleader because Lord knows we all need cheerleaders. We all need peeps by our side yelling at us “Good job, man, good job. Keep that shit up. We’re here for you!!!”

So now I’m giving out 50 claps per story because you are all awesome and you all fucking deserve it!!

Cheers to the writers of the world, pouring out your heart and souls in the hopes of touching at least one life.

You’ve all touched mine. ❤

(disclaimer [should I have added this in at the beginning?]: this is in no way a lure to try to convince you to hand out 50 claps all the time now..I promise!! These are just my thoughts on clapping and why I give out 50 now, that’s it that’s all! )

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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