Why I Cried Over Cookies and Cornflakes

And why you just might too

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You know, I’m an emotional sap to begin with, but I never thought I’d see the day where cookies and cornflakes would make me cry. But they did…here’s my story. Get your tissues ready.

So in case you don’t know one of the reasons why I came down to beautiful Guatemala to live was to help the poor people here as best I can. When I first got down here I was sponsoring families through an NGO but after almost 2 years I cut off the sponsorships.

Now before you think how mean that was, it wasn’t. I understand that charities have overhead and staff to pay and all that good stuff but I just felt that my money would go a lot further if I just personally helped the families myself.

So I started doing that a little at a time and then my income took a huge hit at the beginning of this year and I can barely afford to support myself now. Because of this, I had to really scale back how much I could help. It hurts my heart but I’m working my ass off trying to make it work. I know one day it will all come together for me.

Anyway, I lost touch with 3 families and just in the past month or so I’ve reconnected with them. I’m happy about that but also feel so guilty that I can’t help them now as much as I’d like to.

The other day I counted my pennies and gathered up enough to go out to the market to buy about two weeks worth of food for one sweet family. The family consists of a hard working single mom and her 3 kids, 2 girls, one boy and they are so ridiculously sweet.

She wrote up a little list of the necessities, corn, beans, rice, soup, pasta, simple stuff like that. While we were out shopping (myself and my Guatemala friend Lorena who also acts as my translator and who speaks English very well) I picked up a big bag of Cornflakes (not quite $4) and a package of cookies (about $2).

These items weren’t on the list but I know they would never buy ‘treats’ like these for themselves. To us, they’re nothing. To them? Read on…

Lorena and I delivered two bags of food and 25 lbs of corn. While outside talking to mom I could hear the two girls in the ‘cooking area’ unpacking the bags and laughing and giggling when they found the cookies. I could also hear them rip open the bag of cornflakes and giggle more.

Be still my heart. ❤

Cookies and Cornflakes. Two silly and simple little things that totally made two girls laugh and giggle in great joy.

Let that sink in for a minute please. ……

Anyway as we were leaving, the eldest daughter, Estefania handed me this:

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(translation: good morning, godmother, thanks for the supplies that last year and last year I liked you and it is because of you that I won the degree thank you very much I say goodbye to you with a strong hug) They were both able to go to school last year because of my sponsorship. Neither girl, at the ages of 9 and 11 had ever been in school and needing tutoring first.

Needless to say, during my quiet time that night at home, I cried. Why are there so many poor and hungry people on this planet? Why? Why are kids suffering? Why??

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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