Why I Am So Grateful To Everyone Who Has Abused Me

You’ll be surprised!

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Right now I know you want to know what I’m smoking. You think I’ve lost my senses. Why the fuck would I want to thank my abusers? Well, you’ll see and maybe after reading this you’ll thank me, or them, or, you know what I mean!

Moving on…..

Let’s talk about the abuse first, shall we?

Do we need to talk about it? About the abuse? I don’t think so. I gave you a hint up there ^^. That’s all you need to know and besides, abuse is abuse, pain is pain. It doesn’t matter how big or small, what matters is that it’s real and you went through it. Period.

So why are we thanking all these hurtful people anyway.? I’ll tell you why. Lemme break it down in tiny bite size chunks for you..

Read on….

Forgiveness is beautiful and freeing

How’s that you wonder? Lemme explain. I’ve never had more gratitude and love in my heart in my whole life. All thanx to my abusers (she’s lost her marbles clearly). I honestly believe that if I didn’t suffer the abuse I did, for sure I wouldn’t be the person I am today but not only that, I doubt that I would be so strong, full of love and joy.

Anyway here are a few more reasons why I have such immense gratitude for every single person who ever abused me in my life.

For showing me how not to act.

Don’t be mean to people.

Thanx for that! It took me a little while to learn that lesson though but I finally got it! Yay me.

Thank you.

So much love, I can’t even stand it.

I loved every drop of it. What you did to me showed me how to forgive and open my heart to goodness.

Thank you!

Jerk Alert!!

Now that I know when one of “your type” is near, I can hold my head up high, smile and walk away.

Thank you.

Watch me grooooooow!!!

Can you believe that thanx to you I’ve grown, and continue to grow more beautiful every day? I know, it’s crazy right? You see, I still have triggers every now and then, and I have to be brave, deal with them, learn how to handle them and then send them away. Yay me!!

Thank you.

Oh, Great Wise One.

I love this one. If it wasn’t for you guys, well what would be my special gift to the world?

Because of you I’ve started my own website and Facebook page (and my page is doing pretty good actually). I reach between 2–5 million people every week with inspirational and motivational messages. Because of all the abuse I suffered at your hands, I can now help millions around the world. (that still blows my mind!!)

Thank you!

So you see, my life isn’t as horrible as you might like it to be. I’m actually doing pretty good considering. Thank you.

Do you see now?

A toast to all of you!! Cheers.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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