So I woke up to that this morning. Emmett Selby thought it would be a good idea to drop this on my Guatemala Volcano Tragedy story while I was sleeping. Thanx Emmett.

My first initial reaction was shock! Are you kidding me? Bots on Medium? That can’t be right. Say it isn’t so.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Oh ya, that’s got bot written all over it. And so it begins. Or wait. Is this a common thing here in Medium? I have no clue. I mean, I’ve only been hanging around since the end of March so what I do know?

I know bots are, or should I say were, a huge thing over on Facebook for page owners. People were buying likes and follows like crazy. There was no governing. It was a buying free for all. Page owners grew from 10K to 300K miraculously in a ridiculous short period of time.

Why do people do that? Why do people feel the need to buy popularity? If you want to be popular, go spend your money on feeding the poor. That will surely earn you some brownie points.

So are folks on Medium actually clicking on those things and buying followers? Oh look! You can buy claps too. Who is clicking on these things and buying this shit?

I really truly hope no one does. What a horribly dishonest way to prove your credibility. There is so much wtf going on daily in the online world but I gotta say, bots have always been my biggest wtf.

I often get messages on my page for people trying to pay me $2000–5000 a week to share their articles on my page. You’re kidding right? Can’t you get a real job? You know, like an honest one?

Has all honesty and integrity gone out the window for online entrepreneurs that there is actually a market for these bots and these fake article sellers? That’s an even bigger concern. There’s a market for bullshit.

I’m not totally naive, I do know that not everyone online is honest, I get that. But the fact that there is a market for bots selling fans, clicks, likes and follows is disheartening. That entrepreneurs have to resort to that. Buy popularity. Buy friends, fans, likes, claps.

I wonder what the rest of their life is like.

Getting back to Emmott. I reported the comment and within a very short amount of time, him and his comment were deleted. Thanx Medium! I have a whole new respect for you now for addressing this SO quickly!! Kudos!

And Emmott, seriously dude, get a real job. You know, because Karma is a thing.


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