When You Don’t Have an Emergency Contact Number

Who are they supposed to call?

If there was one thing my ex was really good at it was dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. In everything. Work, life, finances, family, you name it, he made sure he had all his shit covered.

Unlike this girl, who generally coasts through life with rose coloured sunglasses on, sprinkling pixie dust and hoping things work out in the end. Ironically enough, they usually do.


One thing he made sure of was that I always had an I.C.E. In Case of Emergency Contact Number.

At the time I wasn’t too concerned. Can’t they (meaning the paramedics if I happen to get in a car accident and die) just check my phone and call some peeps on there to let them know I’m dead?

Apparently that’s not how it works. Very well.

My ICE people.

So I added a couple of names and numbers in my contact list as ICE people. My son being one obviously, and a sister (I have 3). I also had his (my ex’s) name in that list too.

Looks like I’m covered. But then this happened…

So that was quite a few years ago and I’ve probably gone through 5 phones since then. Also in that time my ex’s number was removed from that list though I’m sure he’d be happy to get a call informing him I was dead.

Not only that, two of my 3 sisters no longer speak to me and my son travels 6–8 months a year. He doesn’t really have a number you can call in emergencies.

I’ve also moved and now live in Guatemala and don’t really stay in touch with too many people anymore.

Life has changed a lot and I realized, I’m still just coasting through life.

The other night I was filling out an application to volunteer in Peru and they wanted an emergency contact number. I had to stop and think and it then dawned on me, I don’t have one.

There isn’t anyone you can call to tell them I’m dead. Well, depending on the time of year, you might be able to reach my son but only if he’s in Canada. Most of my other friends are travelers so who knows where they’ll be.

Don’t bother calling my sisters. Well, there is one you can call but I have no idea what her number is. I’ve never had to ‘call’ her. Do people actually still ‘call’ people on phones anyway these days? How odd. 🤷‍♀️

Go to Facebook!

I could leave a note on my phone to paramedics and tell them to just go to my Facebook profile and then messenger. There you will see the people who truly matter in my life from the chat behaviour.

Just message any one of them (but not the guy I get my weed from). I think you’ll have better luck with a message on Facebook then you would trying to find a number to call.

But this whole ICE contact issue really made me stop and think about how much my life has changed, and the lives of those around me, and how disconnected I am.

I knew that moving to Guatemala was going to be life changing. Exactly how much, I had no idea. It’s when little things like this, the ICE thing, randomly pop up I realize just how much life really has changed.

But not just for me. For the people around me too. Some probably don’t care if I die tomorrow. Some more than likely do, but you can’t call them. I don’t even have their phone numbers anymore anyway.

Who’s your ICE contact person?

Do you have one? When was the last time you updated it? Might be time to do just that. I know, thinking about icky shit like this sucks but better to be safe than sorry I guess.

I’ll be updating mine, sometime, soon-ish. Until then, someone tell the paramedics to just go to Facebook and message someone. It’ll probably be faster and more efficient.

Peace and Love

ox iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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