When Will the World Stop Being Such an Angry Place?

And how did we get here anyway?

I want to know if there’s another planet somewhere in this big beautiful galaxy that I can move to. A planet where everyone is happy and treats each other with respect and kindness. A planet that is full of love and beauty and the word hate doesn’t even exist.

Is there a planet like that? I think I’m growing weary of this one. It’s emotionally exhausting. People are ugly and angry and so mean to each other and I’m not sure how much more my poor sensitive heart can take.

Lunchtime drama

I volunteer at a dog shelter here in Mexico. It’s a super fun place and the majority of the people I volunteer with are lovely. They are mostly Americans. All good.

The other day a couple of gals were talking about a restaurant that has re-opened in our area. I’m not familiar with it and wanted to know more. One lady blurted out “He’s a republican so I’ll never go there”


“Are you for real?” I ask her. Oh ya, she’s for real alright. “Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?” I ask her. The conversation ended abruptly.

Another man on our volunteer email list asked to be taken off the daily updates because one day I responded to an email from a shift leader and my signature includes my business info. It outraged him and he immediately asked to be removed from the list.


And then there are the Pinterest peeps

You know, the ones who apparently hate inspirational poster quotes. The ones who leave the ugliest meanest nastiest comments I’ve ever seen in my life. I share nice upbeat quotes and one girl tells me to “mind your own fucking business and I’ll do what I want and live the way I want and I don’t need a stunned ________ ( I can’t even type or say that word) telling me how to live my life”

Oy. Good grief. So much for spreading love and light.

But let’s not forget the COVID peeps

No, wait. Let’s not even go there. So much hate and anger. So much division among humans. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, watch the news, don’t watch the news, stay inside (but if you’re rioting it’s ok to go outside), don’t stay inside, so much confusion and still people fighting over that.

And then there’s the BLM movement.

I’m sorry, don’t all lives matter? (I’m sure I’ll be blocked or bashed after that statement)

People are even fighting over that. People being called racists who aren’t but because their opinion doesn’t match the masses, well you know, we’re racists.

Watch your words, don’t say that anymore, remove this from branding, try to be more politically correct for heaven's sake.

Families divided, friendships ending

I watch and listen in horror as sisters no longer speak to each other, brothers disown each other, moms not talking to their children (what??) people ‘unfriending’ blocking and deleting long time friends over political beliefs and other ridiculous things.

It’s all ridiculous. All of it.

When does it end?

Why are we so angry? When did we become so angry? And when will it end, if ever?

I was talking to a friend the other day and neither one of us holds out any hope for the future. This makes me sad. It will take a whole generation or more to wipe out the anger and hatred we’ve polluted this planet with.

But wait…

If we start teaching our kids right now to be kind and all accepting and loving that might work! But we have to start now, while they are young. Really young. But we all have to be on board for this…and that’s where I lose hope.

We’re not.

There are still too many people today teaching their kids anger, racism, and hatred through their actions and words. I have a newsflash for you-kids hear everything, even when you think they aren’t listening. They do. They just don’t hear you when you tell them it’s time for bed or to clean their room. It’s this crazy superpower they have.

Can you shed your anger?

For just one minute, can you let go of the anger eating inside of you and try to see things through the eyes of love? For just one minute.

For just one minute, can you let go of grudges and past hurts, forgive and release?

For just one minute, can we all put aside our differences and come together to bring more love and light to this planet?

I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of all this anger. It’s soul-sucking. Maybe I’m too sensitive. Maybe I do belong on another planet. One where there is nothing but love and laughter.

I can’t watch the news. I’ve taken so many of my friends out of my newsfeeds as they spew anger and hatred. I just can’t deal with it.

I worry about tomorrow. About the future of this planet. I worry that nothing will change and it will just get angrier and uglier.

My heart is heavy.

Desperately trying to find some peace, some joy, some glimmer of hope. Something.

So I end this with a small request. Can you find it in your heart to release anger and hatred and see life and people through the eyes of love?

Can you?

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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