What Would Life Be Like If…

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So this morning as I was checking my Pinterest account to make sure all was well and this ridiculous thing showed up.

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Oh!! Looks like not is well after all. I love these funny and funky little glitches though. Not only do they make me giggle but they also make my imagination go into overdrive.

So it got me thinking.

2019 years ago. I actually did some Googling to see just what life was like that long ago. Wikipedia didn’t have much info. Gasp!

Apparently in China some Emperor died and he was replaced by a 9 yr old boy. I cringe. They also state the “supposed birth of Jesus Christ”. He was conceived on March 25th (huh?) and born, well, you know when. He sure looks good for his age. Clearly he never smoked a day in his life!

So what would my life had been like 2019 years ago?

Would I have been a slave in some palace for some douchebag king? Would I have been his queen maybe? Honestly, I prefer the latter.

Or maybe I would be the only hairstylist in town giving the ladies the latest new do. What would that look like anyway?

Would puppies find me and follow me around like I’m their mom like they do here in Guatemala? Did they even have many dogs wandering around back then? Was it mostly goats and camels and chickens? No clue.

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Gaaaaa puppies!!!! “mommy!!”

Did they have bars then? Would we be slamming back tequila shots and maybe even karaoking? Would I have this nicotine addiction? Did they have weed?

What was the dating scene like back then? Or did everyone just have sex with whoever they wanted whenever they wanted. Like it would have been something as normal and random as going to the market and buying apples.

“Hey how much for a pound of apples and by the way, do you wanna fuck?”

Would women be cursing their periods every month? Or maybe they just stayed indoors, bled out their hearts and souls, spit venom at anyone who got within 6 feet and then emerge 6 days later as beautiful, happy and loving goddesses like nothing just happened?

What would the struggles have been back then? I can’t even imagine. Would “what the hell am I gonna cook for dinner tonight” even have been a concern? “I wonder where my husband is and why isn’t he home yet?” Would women even have to worry about shit like that?

I wonder what life would have been like 2019 years ago. What do you think it would have been like?

Then I had to laugh about the puppy thing. Because for real, puppies find me and follow me everywhere!!! So let’s take this one step further and go back to a couple of million years ago. Would baby dinosaurs be following me around? ”Mom, is that you?”

Though I usually write very deep and sometimes disturbing personal development and inspirational stuff, this morning’s Pinterest flop brought out the sillier side of me. It does come out every now and then 😝

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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