What I Learned About Life in 4 Months

From 4 Different Countries

I’ve been travelling a lot this year. Not as many as some, but enough for me. Canada twice, cross country RV trip through the USA, Peru and now Mexico. Each trip held many challenges.

My first trip to Canada was all bad. Not one single solitary thing good about it. No wait, scratch that. I did get to spend some time with good friends and one sister. I saw my son albeit under horrible circumstances (mom’s funeral).

The cross country trip through the USA was a total nightmare. We hit road block (pardon the pun) after road block.

Peru was a near disaster. I was sick the whole time and alone. And just about hated it.

And then Mexico. Mexico was decision making time for me. I came here to see if I could live here. Turns out I can. And I will.

Now just to clarify, I didn’t embark on these journeys for any life lessons or to try to find myself. Each trip was for different reasons.

So what did I learn?

A shit ton of things.

I learned that sometimes you have to do things that are really fucking shitty in order to grow. I also found out who your true friends are when you have to do and go through those shitty things.

I learned that I really hate travelling alone and I discovered that in Peru. I realized that I travel better with others. When you are alone you are in your head a lot and that’s not always a good place to be.

Sometimes being alone in your head is very dark and scary. I realized that I still have a lot of healing to do.

I learned that you can love something so much yet still know when it’s time to leave it behind. Bye Guatemala ❤

I learned that when you step out of your comfort zone it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. It works out the way it’s supposed to. How you react to that will make or break you.

Peru almost broke me.

I learned that not everyone is going to understand you or appreciate what you do. I learned that you’re gonna lose people over it, even family. You have to stay true to you. No matter what.

Just because someone is in your ‘family’ doesn’t necessarily mean the cords have to stay tied. Cut them when you have to.

When you lose family it hurts. A lot. Healing will take more time than I thought it would.

I learned that true friends can get through some really hard fucking times together and come out the other end smiling. True friends do that. I learned the value of real true friends.

I learned that no matter how brave, strong or powerful you think you are, something or someone will always manage to chop you down and make you bleed.

Strong people have weak moments too. We’re not strong 100% of the time. No one is.

I learned that sometimes death comes with relief. Not grief. And it’s ok to not grieve someone’s death. It’s simply the beginning of another journey for them.

I learned there are a lot of hungry, poor and helpless people in the world and I don’t understand why the world is this way. I don’t understand why there are billionaires and homeless people on the same planet.

I learned that life has a funny way of surprising you, and not always in a good way. We waste too much time fucking the dog and don’t spend enough time doing the things we are here to do. We all think we have tomorrow.

We don’t.

I learned that I don’t really like first world living anymore and that I can be happy and thrive in a third world. Things don’t make your life better. Things just weigh you down.

Too many people place too much importance and value on things. Things don’t make you happy. Happiness is inside of you if you only dare to find it.

I learned that when you take your dream or goal and put in front of you for you to see, you will stop at nothing to make it happen. You will do whatever it takes to do it and not give a fuck what anyone thinks.

If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse.

I learned that you live the life you have created for yourself and when it stops bringing you joy, it’s time to start creating new things. Wherever you are and whatever you do, your actions, thoughts and choices got you there.

If you don’t like it, it’s up to you to change it and that’s scary as fuck. Do it anyway.

I learned that first impressions really do matter. Be yourself, no matter what. There are a lot of fake people in the world. Don’t be one of them.

I learned that growing is painful, lonely and scary. I’ve been here before and I’m sure I’ll go through this again. It’s different every time. Growing will make you have moments when you want to throw up. You may even want to curl up in a ball and make the world go away.

Keep growing anyway.

I learned that I still have a lot to learn and you won’t stop learning until you die.

Life is beautiful and ugly and tough and scary. Life is amazing and heartbreaking. Life is exhausting and exhilarating.

And it’s all so precious.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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