What Exactly Does Your Medium Membership Do?

In case you didn’t know

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I really love writing about Medium. About as much as I love Medium. True story. I’ll even go so far as saying this is my new obsession. Addiction if you will. I eat, breathe and sleep Medium. Writers, am I the only one here? I think not.

I love the community of writers I’ve come to know. These peeps rock so fucking hard. I want to meet them all in person and engage in a massive group hug ❤ Oh my heart.

But it’s not only my fellow writers. Nope. It’s you, the readers. It’s you who inspire me to keep writing and producing. It’s because of you that I’ve become obsessed with Medium. It’s not a bad obsession. I mean, it could be worse, amirite?

But what does your membership really do?

It gives us hope. All of us writers. Many of us still have day jobs. Some of us have finally given up our day jobs and freelance clients and only write here on Medium. Many of us want to give up our day jobs and concentrate only on writing here.

It helps us build our confidence in our writing skills. It helps us to inspire and motivate others to do the same. Hone their craft, believe in themselves, bare it all and write, here, on Medium.

It helps us share our words and spread our wings. That’s what your Medium membership does. You give us hope and boost our self confidence.

But that’s not all it does

This is what it does for me.

You need to know my story. You need to know why I write my heart out here on Medium and work my ass off to not only improve my writing skills but get my message out to more people.

I’ve told my story a million times and I’ll tell it a million more. Idgaf. I want people to know what I do. Why? Because I want to inspire more people to do the same. I want to give people hope for a better life.

My story

In October of 2015 I gave up life, all 53 years of it, in Canada to go live in a third world country. Why would anyone do that? You’d be surprised. Many do it for freedom. Some do it simply because it’s hella cheap to live down here. Others do it for the beautiful weather.

I did it for all those reasons and one more. To help fight hunger down here. To stop malnutrition. To give kids hope for a better future. To stop the cycle of poverty and desperation.

You see, when I hit rock bottom back in 2013, I found ‘myself’ and my purpose volunteering at a homeless shelter in Sudbury, my home town. I spent a year at the mission with the most amazing, broken and helpless souls in the world. The souls we are all too quick to judge and ignore.

These souls helped me find my way. And I did. I knew then that I wanted more. I wanted to do this on a grander scale. Where poverty and hunger is really prevalent. So off I went to Guatemala.

And I haven’t looked back. But then this happened….

2018 kicked my ass hard

I had a helluva hard year in 2018. My work sucked, my income hit bottom, I lost my focus, my purpose and my passion. Oh, I was still helping families here but just couldn’t as much as I truly wanted to. It hurt my heart. A lot.

Even I felt helpless and hopeless. I had to beg borrow and steal just to survive. It was a tough year and I spent most of it feeling sorry for myself with false optimism and hope.

Then by December I finally snapped out of it. Things were starting to look up. My website traffic was finally on the rise as were my ad earnings, and sales of my eBook. Things were finally going good.

This gave me back my hope and I attacked Medium and my writing with a vengeance. A renewed passion. Write, Iva, write! Don’t you dare give up now. Remember your why?!!

Oh right. My why. I had lost sight of it. Thought it was hopeless. Almost pointless.

I started writing more. I wasn’t writing for me. I wasn’t just writing for you anymore either. I was writing for the hungry kids, the poor families, the real hopeless and helpless.

And suddenly I had my fire back. 🔥🔥

And I started growing and improving as a writer

I’ve been here on Medium since March of 2018. I’ve been writing and improving my writing skills. I love to write and honestly think I’m a decent writer but no matter what your skill is, there is always room for improvement. So that’s what I’m constantly working on. Improvement. Not only for you but for me too.

I read a lot of other stories, take notes and learn. I’ve learned a ton from the great writers here. (God I love them ❤ )

The better I get, the more you like my stories and the more inspired I am to produce content for you. It’s not easy. I’ll be honest. Any writer can tell you that sometimes writer’s block hits us and we feel lost and frustrated. It’s a tough fucking wall to hit, trust me.

But I can’t afford to have writer’s block. I can’t afford to stop or quit or take a day off. There are bellies to feed.

Oh right…what your membership does for me. Let’s get to that now.

So in true Iva fashion, I will bare all here. The month of December was my highest payout. Yippee!!

Yay me!! ❤

You know what that did? That covered my rent ( I told you it was cheap to live here) and a few other living expenses, but not only that!!! It freed up a lot of my other passive income so that I could help feed more bellies!! Oh my ❤

Because of your Medium membership, more bellies will get fed. Did your heart just explode? Was that what that loud noise was? I sure hope so.

Your Medium membership inspires me to work harder and smarter, write more and feed more kids and families.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your membership and your loyalty to not only me but all the other writers here who are writing their hearts out to make a better life for themselves, their families and for others.

Thank you, all of you, for helping me make my dream come true and for reigniting my passion to write and my purpose to stop hunger.

Your Medium membership is helping stop hunger and malnutrition. Your $5 a month membership is saving lives. Isn’t that mindblowing? 😁

So this year I am going full steam ahead. Not just with my writing but with a couple of other projects to help the people down here. I will share those with you once they are established.

So, thank you, all of you, so much. You have no clue how much you mean to me.

Is it group hug time? 😊

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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