What Colour is Your House?

If I don’t know, how I will find you?

If you’ve never lived in Central America or Mexico you probably don’t know why the colour of a house is so important.

I had no clue until I moved here.

It’s more so important in Mexico than it is in Guatemala. Trying to give directions to your house in Guatemala takes about 15 minutes as you have to describe stores, churches, stray dogs, chicken carts and taco stands.

It can go something like this:

It goes something like that. That was an easy one. Some of them are so frustrating and hard you just give up. I’ll often say, “just meet me at the fucking grocery store!”

Another thing to note about Guatemala, there are no street names. Or I should say, very few actually have signs. For the 4 years I lived there I had no fixed address. I never had any idea what street I lived on.

It never really mattered.

People would ask me what street I live on. I dunno. 🤷‍♀️I can’t find a street sign.

It’s different here

So I’ve recently moved to Mexico where I was amazed and thrilled that there are clearly labelled street names. Yay! Also super thrilled that I actually have an address AND I get mail.

Oh joy oh bliss! :)

As beautiful and stunning as Guatemala is, the little town I live in here in Mexico is pretty. Not as magnificent as my town in Guatemala, but still pretty.

Here there are lots of coloured houses and buildings and things. Colour everywhere.

My cute little house, for example, is a purple with flowers and inspirational words written all over it (go figure!).

Image for post
Image for post
Super cute, amirite?? ❤

Who doesn’t want to live in a cute purple house with flowers and words on it? (ok maybe not everyone)

The delivery guy

So the other day I found some great tables in a Facebook group for the little town I live in.

The seller asked me what street I lived on and the next question he asked is “what colour is your house”.

Oh? Well no one has ever asked me that before and I was happy to tell him I live in a purple house with flowers and words on it.

I’m easy to find.

In Guatemala, not so easy.

You can even use Google maps here to locate your address. You could try to do that in Guatemala, provided you actually knew the address. I think. I dunno.

A colourful life

When you move countries everything in your life completely changes, not just your address.

You see things differently.

You see people differently.

You live life differently.

It even makes you grow as a person. You grow into something you never thought you would ever be.

I can’t describe the person I am today but if I had to try it would go something like this:

  • free
  • happy
  • in love with life
  • liberated
  • excited
  • child like

Looks like I can describe her after all.

When you move countries, your whole world becomes colourful and the colours are quite intense.

So many of us live under a dark grey cloud.

I know what that’s like. I did it for years and it was exhausting and life sucking. It was a miserable existence. One I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

When I finally got tired of that I took drastic measures to lift that fucking grey cloud and see the sun again.

Image for post
Image for post

I did whatever I had to do to change my life and be happy.

Was it terrifying? Yes

Was it thrilling? Also yes.

I cannot be more proud of myself than I am today. I’ve overcome obstacles and challenges too hard for most to handle.

I’ve pulled up my big girl panties so fucking high I almost gave myself a wedgie.

I can stand on a mountain top and roar “Yay Iva!!!” and celebrate my self.

So can you.

What colour is your house?

Is it grey and gloomy or purply and fun? What colour is the house inside your heart and soul?

You are the artist of your life and it’s up to you to paint your life any colour you want. Even your house.

I love you

xo iva xo

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