To the People Who Take Videos of Disturbing Things

You make me lose faith in humanity

Iva Ursano
4 min readNov 19, 2019


Image by FunkyFocus from Pixabay

I love that Facebook now blacks out disturbing videos and you have to click to uncover it (or something like that). But at least they warn you it’s disturbing.

Thank you Facebook.

However, such is not always the case and Facebook misses the odd one. And every now and then a friend will post said disturbing video. And like the curious cat I am, I click play.

And then I am absolutely horrified followed by being ashamed of myself for using up 3 minutes of my life watching this disgusting video. I usually try to hang on to the end in hopes that there is some text saying ‘this person has been caught and went to jail’.

Well that never happens.

To the douchebag who posted the last video

So the other day, scrolling mindlessly, another one of these videos came up. Someone from inside a house, behind a window and a curtain was filming some lady just outside in a courtyard, beating her very small and young daughter. The child may have been 4 or 5 years old.


I’m not going into detail about it. It’s disturbing. ‘nuff said.

I was hoping the video was going to show someone jumping in and stopping this animal from what she was doing to this little girl, but….nope.

I was hoping the person doing the video was going to go out, still with the video rolling, and stop this woman, but…nope.

So this douchebag, instead of actually going to stop this monster from beating this little girl and being a ‘helpful person’ just stayed in his/her house like the coward they were and filmed a 4 year old girl get beaten.

…and did nothing to stop it.

THIS is the kind of bullshit that makes me lose my faith in humanity. It’s not just the lady who was doing the beating but the asshole who sat in the background and did nothing but make a video and then post the fucking thing for the whole world to see.

I hope you’re proud of yourself. Not sure how you sleep at nite though. How on earth you can stand by and watch this kind of torture and do nothing about it is…



Iva Ursano