To the Man in the Red Ford Escape

I have no idea who you are. I don’t know your name or a single solitary thing about you. I know I’ll never see you again.

But for as long as I’m alive, I’ll never forget you. I’ll never forget your accent, your white hair and most importantly, your kindness.

You saved our lives that day. Thank you.

I need to tell you a few things.

There is just so much you need to know about the lives you saved and all we’ve been through. I also want you to know a few things about me.

About us and our journey

We left our country (Guatemala)10 days ago to drive cross country (US) in the RV. Maryland to California. We have hit delay after delay. We were holed up in Maryland for 6 days waiting for the RV to come out of the repair shop. We lost 6 days of travel. We had 4 days left to get to California and get our flights back home to Guatemala.

That never happened, thanx to you.

We were rushing. We had to get across the country in an RV in 4 days. A ridiculously stressful and extremely challenging feat. What was supposed to be a leisurely roadtrip had turned into a hell ride.

But you put an end to all that. Thank you.

We were driving through Missouri (straight into a storm path) when you stopped us.

When we passed you on the highway you did something that no one else did that day.

You passed us back and motioned for us to pull over. You pulled over with us.

You came over to us and warned us that our back tire was flat and ready to explode. We had no idea. Apparently the built in tire pressure feature in the RV wasn’t working properly.

If that tire blew, we’d be dead. Others on the road may have died too. That whole stretch of the highway would have become a traveler’s nightmare.

But none of that happened because of you. Thank you.

You, sir, are an Angel.

You don’t even know how grateful I am to you. Words aren’t enough. My friend and I talked about you that night and how absolutely amazing you are. We agreed you’re an Angel.

My mind is still blown away by your selfless act. The world needs more people like you.

We had to wait until the next day to get a new tire. It was clear by then we were not going to make our destination in 4 days anymore. We had no choice but to rebook our flights for much later in the week and have decided to take our time on the rest of our trip and enjoy the scenery!

You saved our lives and my holiday. Thank you.

But there’s something else you need to know

I need you to know something about me.

I lost my mom three months ago and was ostracized by several members of my family at her funeral. I’m still mourning her death and the loss of my family members.

I’ve been going through a really tough time emotionally lately and this RV trip was my getaway. My decompression time. Time for me to clear my head and regroup. Refocus. Find myself again, if you will.

After the first week it didn’t look like that was going to happen. The trip got stressful af. I had no time for me anymore and my much needed healing.

But you made that happen. Thank you.

There’s one more thing I need you to know.

I also save lives. I left Canada four years ago to live in a third world country to help stop malnutrition and poverty. I also do my best to save puppies and dogs from starvation and death.

Because of you and your amazing act of kindness and thoughtfulness, I can keep doing that.

My longterm goal is to have a shelter to help the helpless, 2 legged and 4 legged. Thanx to you, I’ll be able to keep working towards that.

So you see, you didn’t just save mine and my friend’s life, you saved hundred of lives. Maybe even thousands. Human and furry.

And I’m sad that you’ll never know the full magnitude of your selfless act. You’ll never know the incredible impact you had on my life.

So Mr. Man With the Red Ford Escape.

Thank you. You just saved thousands of lives. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing. Truly an Angel.

I hope one day you will see this. I hope you’re a Medium member and come across this article and know it’s for you.

But this isn’t only for him.

It’s for all of you who have taken time out of your busy lives to stop and do something so random and incredibly kind for a stranger.

It’s for all of you who do things for others and make this world a better place. Who give us hope and restore our faith in humanity.

Thank you. Each and every one of you. I love you all. ❤️

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: mini self help eBook series here:

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