Those Who Don’t Have Time to Meditate, Need to the Most

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Does the very thought of having to meditate make you go all squirrelly? Do you silently freak out and wish to hell you didn’t have to sit in “peace” and, God forbid, “relax”? How many excuses do you come up with to NOT have to meditate?

Do you know how to meditate? Maybe you don’t like to do it because you don’t think you know how to.

I used to be like that. Me? Meditate? Not a chance. I don’t have time for that. It takes waaaaaaaay too long and, besides, who has time to sit for 30 minutes and do nothing but breathe? Do nothing?? Just breathe?? Good grief. Nope. Not this girl. I’m too busy. I’ll listen to the Spa channel instead. Ya, that should work.

Um. What? The Spa Channel, Iva, seriously?

Uh uh. That ain’t gonna work. It sounds nice and soothing and it’s all Zen like stuff but it does nothing to relax me. I mean, when I’m writing, it’s great, right? It’s soft and not very distracting so I happen to love it for that. But to think I can use this medium instead of actually meditating, not so.

Honestly, I just didn’t know how to meditate and thought it was for tree hugging hippies only.

And then I met this lovely girl. She is an Intuitive Healer, amongst other super cool things, and she discussed meditation with me and I expressed my thoughts on it. Her first reaction? She laughed at me. Then came the “Iva Iva Iva, listen to me….” Oh dear, I was in for it.

Andrea took the time to show me how to meditate in mini sessions. Mini? I can Zen out in under 5 minutes?? Yesss!! I’m all over that. It was easy and, yes, it actually is possible to peace out in 3 minutes. I’ve taken what she has shown me and have perfected it to a way that works great for me.

Allow me to share. But first….

We live in a pretty fast paced, crazy and stressful world. Go go go, faster, hurry, come on move already, get outta my way, omg as if my boss just did that……….Yup. it gets pretty frantic at times. So who has time to Zen out? We ALL do with this super duper easy technique. Check it out.

5 simple steps to ‘Zenning’ the fuck out

Step 1.

Go find a quiet place and that may very well be the basement storage room, the attic, or even the bathroom. I don’t care where it is but find one and don’t tell me you don’t have one. Go sit in your car, in the garage or parking lot if you have to. Behind your house, your apartment building, the laundry room or even the shed. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Step 2.

No distractions, no cell phone, no iPod, iPad or iCantdothisshit. Nothing, nudda, zip. Just you and the quiet. This one was super hard for me.

Step 3.

Sit down (or if you can’t that’s OK too, just stand or lean against a wall) and close your eyes. Now take a big deep breath in. Make this one big!! Blow it out hard. Do two more breaths like that. Big breath in, and I mean BIG, big breath out. (but don’t hyperventilate please! 😮)

Step 4.

Now for the next 2–3 minutes, breathe in and out gently, but this time, when you breathe in, imagine a soft pink light, like pixie fairy dust kinda light, being sprinkled into your mind, heart and soul. When you breathe out, imagine your stress at the moment as a dark grey cloud and blow that cloud away.

Step 5.

Feel and think peace and love. Say to yourself “I love me, I’m ok, this is done”. Repeat it a few times if you have to and then carry on with your day.

Breathe in soft pink light, blow out dark grey cloud. Mmmmm, buh bye dark grey cloud. As you continue to blow out for the next few minutes, imagine that dark grey cloud getting lighter and lighter each time until it is no longer grey.

Boom. There ya have it. See how easy that was? Now you know how to meditate! Next time you’re at work and someone really pisses you off, before you verbally attack them, go lock yourself in the bathroom and do this mini meditation. You will come out of there a new person and you can carry on your day in a Zen like state.

You can switch up the method to suit your taste. Maybe you don’t like pink or pixie fairy dust (who doesn’t??). When I breathe in, I imagine God blowing that soft dust on me but you can imagine any other spiritual figure or maybe even a cute little fairy bug.

Please try this and let me know how it works for you. If you need more tools for meditations and healings check out this page for oodles and oodles of goodies!!

If you haven’t checked out my new and powerful self help eBook yet, click here for more info and to download your copy today!!

“Does Sally have vodka in the bathroom? She’s always in there and then comes out smiling!”

Peace and Love!

xo iva xo ♥

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