This is What Happens to a Person Who Has Over 3 Million Fans

What My Internet Fame Has Done to Me

A couple of weeks ago I had a guest post accepted on a personal development site (The Daily Positive) that I had just stumbled upon. I like to guest post every now and then and really should do it more but you know, that whole time thing. I sent them a brief bio (the same one everyone gets). My story went live yesterday and I noticed they had added a small blurb in my bio.

She’s amassed over 3 million fans across all her social media platforms. You can find her at her Amazing Me Movement website, Facebook page or on Pinterest below!

Omg! I did. I can’t even fucking believe that. To this day that still blows my mind. I’m not going to go into detail about how I did it, where all my ‘fans” are or anything like that. It’s irrelevant to this post.

So before I carry on with this please know this is not an ego boosting article. You’ll discover that as you read on.

So. Over 3 million fans. Wow. That’s insane. Some weeks I reach as many as 5 mil, some as low as 2 mil because you know, that whole algorithm bullshit. I had a dream 4 yrs ago to reach people around the world with my message. And it worked.


You want to know what it does for me financially and professionally?

Absolutely nothing. I still have to work my ass off every day to produce content of great value for my ‘fans’ (that term really makes me uncomfortable still) in hopes of actually making decent money. I’m poor as shit and often wonder what next month’s earnings are gonna be like. (I should probably find marketing gurus to help me with that).

Can you imagine if I even made 10 cents per each ‘fan’.? Geezus.

My head isn’t the size of the moon. I rarely tell people here where I live, what I do or the lives I impact on the internet. Nope. We talk about puppies and when the next house party is going to be and I still slam back tequila and fireball shots with my friends at the local watering hole.

Up until about a month ago, I rarely shared any of my professional stuff on my FB personal profile. I just didn’t want people to think differently of me (because sadly that’s what can happen) and it kinda made me feel uncomfortable (there’s that word again).

I still have most of the same issues as everyone else has. I struggle with a nicotine addiction, I get lonely a lot, I think about my future often, I feed and play with puppies, I basically live a simple and somewhat ‘normal’ life.

I’m just iva.

A Canadian expat living in Guatemala, writing and producing her ass off, most days in her pajamas.

My life hasn’t changed one iota because of this huge following I’ve managed to garner.

You want to know what it does for me personally?

It’s completely changed my determination and has almost obliterated my limiting beliefs about myself. Almost. It has made me realize that when you put your mind to something, when you believe in something with great fucking passion, the sky is the limit. It has made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to.

It has given me hope for tomorrow. It has shown me that if you want to make a difference in the world, you really truly can, as soon as you let go of the thoughts that you can’t.

Anyone can. When you have passion, determination, and a pit bull mentality (ya I kinda do) you‘ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

My next big dream right now is to open up a shelter here to help the hungry and hopeless, with a big ass yard for all the stray puppies to come play and stay safe. I have big dreams and experience has shown me that when you dream big and have faith, the universe will blow your mind.

Believe in yourself and your dream. Reach for the highest star you can. Don’t ever ever doubt the power you have inside of you to make a difference. And don’t you dare give up. EVER!

(ok enough cliches)

But seriously, can anyone help me with monetization? I’m about 100 Quetzales away from selling tortillas on the street to pay rent 😝

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: mini self help eBook series here:

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