This is My 11th Mother’s Day Alone and I’m Totally Cool With That.

Me and my boy on my birthday in Mexico last year :)

I love my son with every ounce of me. He truly is an amazing young man. He’s been away from home for almost 11 yrs now. We do see each other often though we’re never together on Mother’s Day and that’s cool. Hell, some Mother’s Days he totally forgets to even reach out and wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and I’m totally cool with that too.

At the time of me writing this, it is in fact Mother’s Day, it’s almost 5 pm and I haven’t talked to my kid in two days. No biggie ;) I’m ok with that. He’s a busy kid.

Oh…but I never used to be ok with that.

Oh no. I used to lose my shit. “Hey! Did you forget it’s Mother’s Day today? Geezus Julian!”. Ya, I used to get pretty pissed.

What’s wrong with my kid? Doesn’t he love me? How could he forget me on the most important day of the year? I mean, it’s not like I have other kids to make up for his neglect. Nope. He’s the only one I got. Don’t I mean anything to him, especially on this day?

But mom……..

Then one day he says to me “Why do you need one special day to honour and love you? I love you every fucking day, all day! (<< language, I raised him well, yes?)You don’t need me to call you or send flowers or do any of that shit on this day just to praise and glorify and honour you. You’re my mom and the best mom in the world and I want to be able to honour you whenever I want, not when the media tells me I’m supposed to”.

He’s got a point. A very good point.

Why do I need one special day of the year to be recognized as a good mom. I know in my heart I’m a good mom and my kid reassures me of that often. Is Mother’s/Father’s Day possibly just a consumerism gimmick for everyone to run out and drive up the economy?

I dunno. I’m over it though. If he calls, he calls, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I won’t love him less or think less of myself as a mom. I don’t need one special day to be recognized.

Here’s to all the moms who are alone on Mother’s Day. I love you and you all kick ass. ❤ Enjoy your day!

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