These 3 Words Drive Me Bat Shit Crazy and Should Never Be in the Dictionary.

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There aren’t many words that make me cringe. I mean, as far as curse words goes, there are definitely two that stick out in my mind (and no, I’m not even gonna type them out) but other than that, words don’t really have a crazy psychotic effect on me……………except these 3 words.

And they’re not even curse words. Just random everyday words that people use all the fucking time that make me bat shit crazy. Every time I hear any one of these words the hair on the back of my next stands up and I wanna scream.

In no particular order of the craziness they drive me, here they are…

Luck/lucky-Why is this even a word? Lemme use it in a couple of examples and you’ll be able to see why I fucking hate this word so much.

“Oh Iva you are so lucky to have such a good son”.

What?? Do you think some fucking fairy came around and sprinkled “good boy” pixie dust all over him and made him a good son? Wtf kind of stupid remark is that? I’m not ‘lucky’ I have a good son. I raised him that way!! Ugh!!

“Oh Iva you are so lucky to be living where you are and have the life you do now”

Double what???? You think the Universe magically transplanted me here and said “there you go Iva, a brand new life just for you!” I worked my fucking ass off to get to where I am today! Lucky? Good grief!

Next word….

Coincidence- Who made this word up? Here’s the definition of this word:

a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

What?? Call me crazy, idgaf, but the reason these ‘remarkable events’ are happening is because of universal energy and alignment. The universe responds to your needs, desires, thoughts, wishes, hopes and fears. It hears you, your every single thought, and delivers, whether you like it or not.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Shit happens because it’s supposed to!! It was meant to happen. Coincidence, or luck, has nothing to do with it. Not. a. single. solitary. thing.!!

Failure- I want to meet the jackass that came up with this word just so I can bitch slap him/her.

Because of this word, people lack self confidence, self esteem and self worth. Because of this word people will refrain from living life to their fullest potential for fear of ‘failure’.

Because of this word, people turn into alcoholics, drug addicts, become depressed and sadly suicidal. Because of this sickening word, people’s whole fucking world collapses.

This has got to be the most damaging word I know. “She’s a failure. She’ll never amount to anything. Johnny’s business just failed, and now is marriage is failing and he’s a failure too. You’re a failure and an embarrassment to this family”

You didn’t fail at anything and you’re not a fucking failure! Ever! You tried something, it didn’t work, move on. I’ve closed a business, left a disastrous marriage, declared bankruptcy twice and not once have I considered myself a failure.

Shit just doesn’t work out sometimes the way we planned it or would have liked it to. The end. Move on. Take notes, learn your lessons and keep on keepin’ on. That’s what life is about. How are we ever supposed to know if something is going to work out or not if we don’t at least fucking try!

You can hear more on my thoughts about this word in this podcast:

This is my ever so tiny list of words I despise. 😝Do you have words that make you crazy too? Share ’em below!

(I almost feel like this was a rant!)

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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