The Surprise Link Between Your Panties and Your Money

And why you need to throw your panties out.

Let’s talk about your panties first. Stop blushing for God sake.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The threads are loose. There are a few holes where the seams are starting to rip. They probably don’t even fit you properly anymore. But you still keep ’em.

You jump out of the shower, go into the drawer and carefully go through your selection of panties. Some are nice, some are new, some are ripped. Depending on the mood you’re in or what you are wearing today will determine which panties you grab.

If you’re like me, on a stay at home lazy day the ripped panties will suffice. You grab them, you’re kinda disgusted with them. You’re not sure why you hang on to them and then you put them on.

I did that this morning. Grabbed the pretty coral ones. I don’t really like them because they are starting to fray and they aren’t the most comfortable panties in the world but they’re such a pretty colour.

I put them on and realized they drove me nuts, especially the hole that’s starting around the butt seam and I actually had this conversation with myself, out loud (don’t judge):

“Girl are you serious? You have 20 pairs of panties. Why the fuck are you hanging on to these one and why do you keep putting them on when you hate them?”

Yup. We had the pantie talk this morning. I peeled them off and tossed them in the garbage.

But something else dawned on me. Something deeper. It was like I had an a-ha moment.

This goes much further. It’s not just your panties. It could be any article of clothing or your purse, shoes, wallet or whatever you own.

I want you to think about this for a minute. Stick with me here.

We all want financial success to some degree, amirite? Some want to make 6 figures a year, maybe 7, some would be happy with mid to high 5 figures a year. Whatever the case may be, no one wants to struggle financially. Period.

Now in keeping with that thought, about wanting financial success or, at the very least, to not have to struggle to stay afloat, remember your inner world creates your outer world.

How you think and feel is what you attract. If you think about how you are struggling all the time and nothing works out for you, that’s what you will keep attracting.

But here’s the kicker…if any of your things (ie, clothes, house, car, etc) are beat up, broken, tattered and torn, they have the energy of lack and poverty. Does it make you feel rich or successful when you reach into your beat up old purse to pull out your falling apart wallet to pay for your groceries?

I think not. It certainly doesn’t give off the successful vibe.

I know when I grabbed those pretty coral panties, I had nothing but negative feelings toward them (poor panties).

Listen, if you want to be financially successful you have to act like it, feel it, think it, believe it. Dress like it, talk like it. Now I’m not saying you have to go around with your nose in the air pretending you are some rich snob.

Please don’t do that. No one will like you.

But start taking better care of you and your things. If something is broken, fix it if you can. If your clothes are ripped, fix them, donate them to a shelter (most will repair them before they hand them out anyway) or trash them.

You’re not going to attract the financial success you want and deserve if you stay in that poverty mindset and with the tattered and torn things you keep hanging on to.

Stop acting, feeling and dressing like someone who is financially struggling. The longer you stay there, well, the longer you will stay there. Capiche?

So…do yourself a favour and take the first step towards financial success, throw away your ripped panties.

You’re welcome :)

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: mini self help eBook series here:

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