The One and Only Time I Have Ever Regretted My Tattoos.

But I’m kinda over it.

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash (ha! did you think that was me?)

To say I’m pretty inked up is an understatement. Both arms, most of my back and a wee bit on my chest. Yup I got lots. And I doubt I’m done getting inked just yet.

It’s an addiction. Only those who have tattoos will understand that. It’s like Lay’s potato chips. You just can’t stop at one.

Many people over and over again have cringed at them, warned me that I would regret them , snubbed their nose at me…whatever. Judge me when you’re perfect.

I’ve even been disgraced by family members and ex boyfriends. Meh. Sticks and stones may break my bones….carry on.

I totally get how tattoos aren’t everyone’s thing. I’m cool with that. Your man bun isn’t my thing. We’re even. I especially love how people are so quick to offer disparaging remarks. Sit your ass down Felicia.

“Oh you’ll regret those when you’re older!” “Well chances of you getting a decent job now are little to none” (huh?) and my favourite one is “Why would you do that to your body”? (what???)

The warning about regretting them always falls on deaf ears. I don’t regret my tattoos. Not one single piece of art. I love them all. But I do have a slight issue with one thing.

The one and only time I’ve ever regretted my tattoos.

So as most of you know, I am originally from Canada but my new home is now Guatemala. I love it with all that I am. This place and the people are amazing and beautiful.

Slowly I’m immersing myself in their culture, getting to know more locals and desperately trying to speak their language, Spanish. Slow but sure.

Down here, many of the women wear traditional clothes, more commonly known as traje, pronounced trah-hay (but roll your r). They are different colours depending on the village you come from.

I grabbed this image from Google

Even the little ones wear traje!!

Look how cute!!!! ❤

Many of them have sparkly sequins and are absolutely stunning. The colours are brilliant and gorgeous and I think the women look absolutely beautiful in traje. It shows such pride.

It’s not mandatory for them to wear it and many don’t, but at the same time, many do. Even the men wear it!!

Strike a pose!

When I first got down here I used to just walk the streets or sit and people watch and admire the beauty of them and their traje. Every now and then I would stop by a store that sells them and picture myself in one.

Mine would either be brilliant yellow, royal purple or bright pink.

But the fact of the matter is, I will never own or wear one.

Why? Because I’m covered in tattoos and I truly believe it would be completely disrespectful for me to wear their clothing with all my tattoos showing. I could of course, cover up with a simple sweater or perhaps even a long sleeve plain shirt underneath the top. But it’s not the same.

One of my closest expat friends wears traje and she looks gorgeous in it. Some of the foreign NGO workers wear it sometimes too. They also look beautiful in it.

How I so wish I could wear traje. Even if just for a day. But I will do it no justice and I honestly believe the people will not appreciate it. I am a stranger, a foreigner, in their land and to me, respect for their culture is the most important thing.

So I will continue to admire the beautiful women in their traje and visualize myself in a pretty purple one with brightly coloured sequins.

…and plan my next tattoo.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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