The High Price You Pay For Doing Stupid Shit

So if you follow me at all or read any of my stories (you do, don’t you?) you will know I am a HUGE UFC fan. Like hardcore die hard fan. I’ve been watching UFC since it first began 25 years ago. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, so last night was probably one of the biggest nights in UFC history as far as fights go. Not for what happened after the fight (more on that in a bit) but the title fight itself.

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Any fans here? Raise your hands! So let me give you a brief rundown of the fight and the night and you will see where I’m going with this story. You will see why doing stupid shit can sometimes have a really high price.

Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset.

So if you watched the fight and all the hype leading up to the fight, as per the norm, there’s always an awful lot of shit talking that goes on. Conor really is good at that. Now I’m not saying it’s good or bad or I like it, it just is.

With any fight, or should I say most of the fights, all the shit talk and hate ends when the two opponents have brawled for up to 25 minutes, one wins and they hug and make up. Yup. That’s usually the case. All the shit talk was for nothing.

But…………not this time. This time was much different and a whole lot worse.

The hate between these two men going into the octagon was undeniable. Conor slammed Khabib’s family, race and religion in the weeks leading up to this. I know, shitty, but that’s Conor and in his words “I don’t give a bollocks!!” He doesn’t have to. The guy is worth millions. Why should he give a fuck.

Well, as much as I do love Conor I don’t particularly love his bashing race and religion but whatever.

Anyway, the fight was a title fight. Khabib currently holds the belt. He has an extremely impressive record of 26 and 0 going into this fight. He also has a lot of rage going into this fight. This guy is fucking pissed and probably would love to take Conor’s head off and serve it to his family for dinner.

The fight was ok in my books. Nothing spectacular. I honestly expected more from Conor but whatever. He tapped out in the 4th round and within seconds the shit got real.

Khabib literally jumped over the cage and charged after a guy in Conor’s camp and at the same time, one of Khabib’s thugs jumped in the octagon and suckerpunched Conor. The whole thing was a fucking nightmare.

( I had a video in here when I first posted this story but it has since been removed by YouTube, sorry)

Extreme chaos erupted, police and security were like flies on shit. It was brutal. I suspect the damage could have been a lot worse but authorities handled it well and fighters were escorted out of the arena relatively unharmed.

BUT!…….The real problem is this!

Because of this, Khabib, though he did win the fight, didn’t receive his belt. He may never get his belt back. As a matter of fact, he may never fight with the UFC again because of this. His UFC career may very well be done. He also hasn’t received his payout for this fight which is said to be in the millions.

The Nevada State Athletic Commissions will be investigating this and according to Dana White, they don’t fuck around.

So because Khabib took his anger outside the octagon and made a ridiculously stupid move over something that is very temporary, his actions may have permanent consequences that have the potential to ruin his career and life.

Think about that for one minute. This is a good lesson for all of us.

How many times have we done something in the heat of anger only to regret our actions later?

How many times have we kicked ourselves in the ass for doing something or saying something to someone knowing we will regret it for years to come.

Don’t make the same mistake Khabib did.

Don’t act in haste, ever. Don’t say things you will regret later, or for the rest of your life. Take a minute to remove yourself from any situation, before you speak or act, calm down, think about it and approach it again when you have a clear head.

Nothing good, ever, comes from a place of anger or hate. Never.

Don’t be a Khabib.

One minute of silence will save you a lifetime of regret.

(I’ll be anxious to see what the results of this whole fiasco are)

Always choose peace and love over hate and anger. Always.

xo iva xo

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