The Craziest Thing Happened to Me This Week and My Mind is Still Blown

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You have to know I work my ass off to get my message around the world. I write, I engage, I share on multiple platforms on the net, I do what I gotta do to make this work.

So what exactly is my message? Believe in yourself, flick fear, reach for the stars, spread love and kindness. It’s a pretty big message to be honest.

I really just want the world, and the people in it, to be better. I believe that change starts with one person. You. I believe in a lot of things but I mostly believe in the power of love. ❤

Anyway, I’ve been pretty successful in reaching a global audience. This article will give you a little insight on that.

I’m kinda making my mark. I’m blazing a trail. I’m encouraging others to do the same. Dream big! Go do epic shit! Believe in yourself!! Even though, on some days, I admittedly lose a little faith in myself. It happens. I’m human.

Every now and then I’ll get a message on FB from one of my friends who lets me know that one of my pieces or quotes or articles was featured somewhere (that clearly I’m clueless about) and I get excited. Yay iva!! You da bomb girl!

It reassures me that I’m on the right path. That what I’m doing really is working even though some days I have my doubts. Like this day…

Ok so let’s get to the point of this then shall we…..?

You know I’m a Pinterest addict and since I started working Pinterest for my business, it’s really increased traffic to my website. It’s a good thing to use. If you aren’t on it yet, smarten up 😝

I belong to tribes over on Tailwind and this tribe shares my things (and I in turn share theirs) and it’s one big happy pinning family. Well guess who just joined our tribe this week?

Tony Robbins. I had to do a double take. Is that really him?? I clicked on the image, clicked on the link, clicked on everything that was clickable. Yup. That’s him. Mind=blown.

But wait….it gets better than this.

He actually re-pinned one of my inspirational quotes to his Pinterest account.

What………….the ………………fuck???

I’m dying! Are you kidding me right now? No really, I’m fucking dying over here!! This is ridiculously stupidly crazily mindblowing. Oh Em Gee!!!!!!

Now you gotta know something here. When I was down and out and digging my way back out of rock bottom I followed many PD peeps faithfully. Tony was one of them. He’s right there beside Les Brown.

So now you also gotta know something else, in case you haven’t figured it out from my other articles. I’m a ballsy kinda girl. I break rules, I kick down doors, you know, pitbull girl. Yup. So I send him (or his VA) a message. “Hey thanx for sharing my pin and welcome to the tribe”.

They reply. 😮(<< I seriously love these emojis and wish they had more here available on laptop)

But I’m not done. I got you in chat now. Consider yourself held hostage until you manage to break free. I reply and tell the VA I would really love to talk to Tony personally. I told you I was ballsy. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next. I may get shut down and that’s totally cool but always please remember one thing…

I always ask.

Don’t you dare ever ever ever give up on a dream you have.

Don’t you dare ever ever ever stop believing in yourself.

Don’t you dare ever ever ever place limits on yourself.

The sky is the limit my friend. The sky. I love you.

Peace and Love

ox iva xo

If you’re into podcasting you can find me doing that now over here.

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