The Awkward Age of Acronyms

WTF do they mean anyway?


I’ll admit. I’m lost. Lost in a sea of acronyms. I can remember years ago when acronyms like ‘brb’, ‘fml’ ‘u2’ and ‘ttyl’ were just making their grand entrance into the online world.

I’ll also admit. I had to Google some of them. I would actually spend some time guessing what they might mean until I finally gave in and looked it up online.

I get that in this fast paced world where we are all so busy how acronyms can make our lives easier and less stressful. Because, you know, we’re really too busy to type out a whole sentence. Especially this one ‘u2’. I mean, who on earth has time to type out ‘you too’? Certainly not me 🙄

There’s been a few new ones on the block that have me completely scratching my head. Hello Google, it’s me again.

I’ll be honest. I use acronyms sometimes. I have my favourites too. Like these ones (and I’ll save you the time of having to Google what they spell out):

  • idgaf (I don’t give a fuck)
  • af (as fuck)
  • fml (fuck my life)
  • smh (shaking my head)
  • wtf (what the fuck)
  • stfu (shut the fuck up)

Ok so clearly there’s a pattern here for me for my faves. They mostly have the word fuck in them. Sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, so let’s get back to some of the new ones. I come across some of these in Instagram pics, quizzes I find online and every now and then my kid throws one at me. Why he would do that baffles me to this day. He knows I’m clueless. Maybe he wants me to learn? I dunno.

So here is a small list of 10 new acronyms (or maybe they’re not new and it’s me that’s new?)

  1. FOMO- meaning Fear of Missing Out (how could you? Look at all the free time you have now from not typing in full sentences!)
  2. JOMO -meaning Joy of Missing Out (huh?)
  3. IGHT- short for Alright (dude it’s only 3 more letters)
  4. HBU- meaning How About You? ( I thought I was missing out on a new TV channel)
  5. SNMP- meaning So Not My Problem (kinda looks like an acro for a disease anyway)
  6. YGTI- meaning You Get the Idea (could have been a Pokemon character-what do I know?)
  7. TL;DR- meaning Too Long;Didn’t Read (shocker!)
  8. JSYK- meaning Just So You Know (I’m too lazy to type)
  9. AMA- meaning Ask Me Anything (thought it was a new pop band!)
  10. DIKY- meaning Do I Know You? (I hope not)

I honestly had to Google what these fuckers meant. Idk. It’s hard to keep up with all this trendy language, amirite?

But really, have we become so lazy or so busy that we can’t even type out whole sentences anymore? Like, wtf anyway? Idgi (I don’t get it).

I’m not going to pretend that I’m the most perfect texter. Any one who has engaged in text with me knows that if I’m really busy, my texts look something like this:

“i dont’ know what you’re talking about…can you tell me how to do this properly cause ive never seen or heard of this method before…are you sre this is how it works ..who has tiried thisalrdy did it wrok for them…lol..k gotta go….tl….brb…?”

Yup. Can you make sense out of any of that? I feel sorry for the poor recipient of these messages I send. It’s borderline pathetic. But my peeps know. I can talk to you a wee bit but I’m busy so WYSIWYG.

So you’re probably wondering where on earth this article comes from anyway? Clearly not the usual motivational fluffy stuff you get from me.

Well today while going through quizzes for my website I came across this ‘JOMO’ and it was the second time I had seen this. Back to Google. While in there I found a whole slew of acronyms I have never heard of or seen in my life. I just thought I’d share some of them with you.

I also sometimes try to keep my writing light and fun. Not very often but sometimes. Ironically enough, just last night I got an email from Medium awarding me Top Writer in Humor. Huh? Me?

I figure I may as well try to show my ‘funny and light’ side a little more. It’s there, honest.

Do you use acronyms? What are some of your favourites? Share them (but please tell me what they mean so I don’t have to Google)

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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