The #1 Thing That Will Make You Blind!

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Let’s get real for a second here. There are probably a million things that can surely make you blind instantly. I don’t need to type out a list. We’re all smart enough peeps here. But we’re not talking about poisonous substances here. We are talking about the one thing, the number one thing, that will make you blind instantly

Nope. And we ain’t talking about love here either. I bet that was one of the first things some of you guessed. Love isn’t blind. At all. Don’t get me started on that.

I’m talking about something much deeper here.

Fear. Did you see that coming (was that a pun?)?

Fear is the #1 killer of dreams and goals, and it makes you blind!

It is. I promise. Up after that is comfort zones, limiting beliefs and self doubt. If you succumb to any of these 4 things, consider yourself blind or worse yet, dead. Blind in the sense that you no longer can see the future.

All of you “live in the present moment” people simmer down for one second here.

We work to create a better life for ourselves. We learn to expand our knowledge and our life. We want more than life has to offer now. We want our future to be brighter than our past or present. Nothing wrong with that. I’m working towards my future. I’m sure most of you are too.

But if fear is present in your life to the degree that you aren’t willing to try anything new to enrich or enhance your life then you’re blind. Dead or flatlining as I like to say. Actually one of the favourite things I like to say on my Lives over on my FB page is “you got plenty of time to flatline when you’re dead, don’t do it now”.

I can’t see anything!!!

Of course you can’t fucking see anything. You’re crippled with fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs. You can’t see shit. You don’t even wanna look. You can’t see outside of your comfort zone.

Oh, but you know, you just know, there is something absolutely magnificently beautiful over on the other side. You know you know. But you slip back under comfy blankie, grab the remote and continue to channel surf. The TV is easy to see.

The future isn’t. (Ya ya, live in the present moment. Not now.) How are you to see what you can possibly create for your life if you don’t even give it a chance?

It’s hard to see what your life could be as a freelance writer who travels around the world and lives a fulfilled life, if you don’t get off the couch. Just stop thinking about that now, that’s too scary.

It’s hard to see what your life could be like as a successful business owner if you stay in your comfort zone and continue to work for the dragon slayer. Just stay put, you’re fine where you are.

It’s hard to see what life could be like as a professional UFC fighter if your limiting beliefs keep telling you you’re not good enough and you never will be. Just give it up, you’ll never make it.

Why not you?

Why can’t the world be changed by you? Why can’t the next heavyweight champion be you? Why can’t you sit on the beach in Mexico and write your next blog? Why not you?

Why can’t you accomplish great things just like Rhonda Byrne or Les Brown or Andrei Arlovski? Who says you can’t? The only thing keeping you from achieving greatness is the blinders you are wearing.

You can’t see this greatness that you can quite possibly achieve because you’re too fucking scared and blind to see that you can, do, be, or have anything you want (except you can’t be a unicorn, sorry) as long as you face your fear!!!!!

Can’t you see that fear is blinding you from living the life you deserve to live? Can’t you see that the life you so long for is on the other side of your comfort zone? Can’t you see that your limiting beliefs are holding you back from chasing down your dreams, bringing them into fruition and owning them?

Can’t you see?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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