Text Messaging Interpretations-What We Really Mean To Say

But don’t have the balls to.

There’s a great quote that goes something like this :

Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people mean.

Yup. Sure is. Every now and then I get a text message that could instantly push my ‘hurt feelings’ button when the person behind the text sincerely means no harm.

It’s just really difficult to express emotions and convey your true feelings in text unless you blow up your message with these ❤😍😊😁😘😉

If I send a text that simply says ‘I love you’, you’ll know I love you but the words alone feel rather flat or insincere. If I send that same message and send you a million of these 😘😘😘😘😘 you will know without a shadow of a doubt, I fucking love you.

How odd that we need to use emojis to truly get our point across. Words just don’t cut it anymore.

But texting is also a really great way to hide behind what you truly want to say. It’s easy to blow someone off in a text. And thank Christ for those people who send you a text, you don’t know how to reply, and they end up forgetting about the text in the first place. Phew. Bullet dodged.

I try to be quite clear when I’m texting. You won’t have to question my answer or text. You know exactly what I mean.


Other times, not so much, and I’m sitting here wracking my brain and rolling my eyes desperately trying to come up with an appropriate response that doesn’t make me look like a bitch. #thestruggleisreal

You guys know what I’m talking about. I’m not the only who has to go through this.

Anyway, in order to avoid arguments (the Libra in me) I will type up some random bullshit text, hit send and cringe.

But let’s get real here. We all get a random text or are in the middle of a conversation where you just don’t know how to reply appropriately. You want to be nice and polite and not hurt the other person’s feelings so you text back some bullshit fluffy message. It’s killin’ you because it’s not what you really want to say. Amirite?

Not only that, we are now in the day of text communication. It’s most likely our #1 means, and for some the only, of communication. Kinda sad when you think about it but let’s be honest, when your phone actually rings are you not shocked even just a little bit? “Who the fuck is calling??”

This also goes for Facebook messages and if you’re anything like me, most of our communication is through that means.

So let’s take a look at a few examples of things we say versus the things we really want to say:

  1. “Ok”. If you get a text that says just ‘ok’ please know without a doubt that it’s NOT ok. Nothing is ok. Here is the real meaning behind that one-”Fuck you and the horse you rode in. If you were next to me I’d stab you in the eyes right now. You’re an asshole”
  2. “Let me think about it” The real meaning behind that-”Not on your life Susan. I’d rather chew shards of glass dipped in cyanide. As a matter of fact, I won’t even give this a second thought and chances are I’ll conveniently ‘forget’ to get back to you”.
  3. “Oh that sounds great. I just might come!” The real meaning-”You’re kidding right? I’d much rather have a root canal than go to this baby shower. Thanx but no thanx.”
  4. When you meet someone for the first time and they send you a message on Facebook that goes something like this “It was soooooooooo nice to meet you the other day. We should go for coffee soon” and you reply “Yes we should!!” The real meaning behind that one-”Not on your life. I didn’t like you the first time I met you and wanting to spend anymore time with you is not on my list of things to do and never will be.”
  5. “Sure that’s fine, I understand”. The real meaning behind that-”That is so not fine and you’re a piece of shit. I can’t believe you just said that and assumed it would be fine!!! Why I even waste my time on you still baffles me to this day”.
  6. “Honestly, there’s nothing wrong”. The real meaning behind that-”In about two seconds I’m gonna go postal on you. I honestly can’t believe you have no clue what’s wrong. Are you new? Wtf? If you have to ask what’s wrong than you are totally clueless. Period.”

Anyone resonate with any of these? Don’t lie. You know you do. I especially love the ‘ok’ one. Funny enough, when guys say ‘ok’ they really mean it. Not us girls though. Uh oh. We are so not ok. 😡

Too often we just don’t say the things we mean and I believe the real reason being is that we simply don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, start a fight or be an ass. And that’s totally ok.

You gotta love the fact that it’s so easy to hide behind text messaging. Many of us do. Even me.

I do sometimes find myself answering honestly to some texts but I try my best to be extremely diplomatic. I try. It really is possible to be honest and not hurt someone’s feelings or piss anyone off.

I should practice more.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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