Still Looking For Your Purpose? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions.


I sat down by the lake this morning, that’s Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for those of you who are just joining me and have no clue where in the world I am, and I looked around in immense awe. I absolutely positively still cannot believe I am here. I didn’t get here by magic either or luck. Nope.

So this whole being here in Guatemala is kinda unbelievable still to me, especially since 4 years ago it never even crossed my mind once to come here. It didn’t, at all, never, ever, no way, nope.

I was 100% certain I would have returned to Costa Rica. I swore “I will return!”. I loved it so much I was sure I was to spend all my winters down there. How that didn’t happen is a mystery really. But here I am in Guatemala and how did THAT happen? Was my life purpose to be fulfilled in a third world country?

So in one of my other blog posts I made reference to a tea leaf reader giving me guidance, and it’s true, she did. She actually chose the country for me. Being a Libra is tough sometimes. We have a really hard time deciding on anything!

So after the country was chosen I had to give it some thought and do some research. Some. I checked out places with the best climates and the cheapest rent. That’s how I landed in Panajachel.

So Guatemala is crazy poor and dirty. So what am I doing here, why am I still here and why do I love it so much? Because I have a purpose. I am here to serve and it doesn’t matter how poor or dirty or gross. My purpose doesn’t judge. My purpose doesn’t get picky and choosy. My life purpose speaks loud and clear.

I overlook the drunks sleeping on the sidewalk in my neighbourhood, I carefully navigate around all the dog shit, and the very sick and possibly dying dogs laying on the street. I nod, smile and say Hola to all the ladies sitting on the side of the streets selling their fruits and crafts.

I think I am used to the constant loud booming of nightly fireworks that go off for no apparent reason and the dogs barking ALL night long. I am now very well known as “Amiga amiga dulces dulces” to the kids in my alleyway. I make sure I have a never ending supply of candy in my pockets.

I make them hug me for candy ( I gotta get hugs somehow around here!! don’t judge). I am here because I am supposed to be here. I fit in, my heart loves it here, and I serve as I am meant to.

And it’s just so darn beautiful here. So beautiful.

Will I stay here? How long will I stay here for if I do decide to put a time limit on it? Where to next? So many questions and not one single answer. And right now, I won’t give them any thought. Right now is what is the most important to me. I am here.

With my two suitcases that contain my whole life, all 53 years of it and when I’m ready to leave, if I do, I’ll know. I’ll just know. I honestly don’t think my whole time will be spent in Guatemala but who knows. I may even meet the man of my dreams here. (hmmm) I have my eyes on Peru and Bolivia. I will go wherever I am needed the most. No questions asked. I will just go.

But here I am. And it’s so imperfectly perfect for me.

To give, to love, to help, to inspire, to empower and to grow. My life isn’t about me anymore. That was the first 50 years. The next 50 years is about changing the world, one smile at a time. When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself that exact same question. When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself any of these questions?

  1. What on earth are you here for?
  2. What sets your heart and soul on fire?
  3. What’s your passion?
  4. What drives you?
  5. What on earth do you WANT to do with your time here?

So many questions with no easy answers. I didn’t start asking myself these things until I hit my 50’s. I imagine if I had done so sooner, well, wow I can’t even imagine how ridiculously crazy my life would have been sooner. But I didn’t and right now, my life is pretty fantastic. I found my why, my purpose, my passion.

Your turn. Wanna know where your purpose and passion is? It’s in the thing that sets your heart on fire. ❤

Can someone in Canada please send Sweetarts, red licorice and Goodies?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo


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