Step away from the dating app!!

Tinder. I cringe. When I lived back in Ontario I was on dating sites forever. Met most of my boyfriends/dates there. It was pathetic, it was fun and it was scary! My city wasn’t that big so scrolling through profile pics went something like this “oh it’s you! No thanx “ and “good grief you’re the biggest asshole on the planet “ and “of are you still on here lying about how amazing you are? “

Yup it was hopeless. What’s even more hopeless is where I live now, there is no online dating scene thing. I mean there’s Tinder (I think, I’m old AF too) but the men don’t speak English, my Spanish sucks. The whole date would be spent on the google translate app.

Ya, good times. I’ll just wait for the wind to blow in the next expat with potential.

Oh and by the way, ya, I think you’re scared. And you shouldn’t waste time being afraid of something that could be so amazing! Like meeting new people, learning more about yourself and growing! ❤️

But seriously, no Tinder!!

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