Put Your Breast Away. It Makes Me Uncomfortable

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Before all you moms get your panties in a bunch, please read my story with an open mind and heart. Then, and only then, you will understand where I’m coming from. ❤

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts pop up on my news-feed on Facebook. Pictures of moms feeding their babies with their breasts out in plain view. I’m not sure, I don’t really understand the posts, but they seem to want to show people it’s ok to breastfeed in public and to stand up for it and stop hiding.

Or something like that. I still don’t understand what all the hoopla is about.

But you see, I’m hiding on the other side of the fence on this issue. I say hiding because I don’t want moms or anyone for that matter to be mad at me.

So this article stems from a post yesterday that came across my feed. I have a couple moms as friends who advocate for all kinds of mom things. Anyway the post was a beautiful young mom, smiling, taking a selfie with her baby on her breast. I cringed. I want to yell out “put your tits away for God sake!!!!”

Is this some new ‘breastfeeding movement’ that’s going on now where moms feel the need to post selfies on their walls with their boobs hanging out? I don’t get it.

You’re probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me and you may even be a tad pissed off with me right now. That’s ok. You’ll understand me by the end of this. Maybe, or maybe not.

My story. ❤

I grew up in a ridiculously dysfunctional family where you were made to believe that sex was dirty and disgusting and for pigs. Your body was to be covered and your breasts were only used for the disgusting pigs who wanted to have sex with you, namely, your spouse/partner (or any man for that matter).

Your body is dirty, sex is dirty, cover your body, stop acting like a whore, you’re a whore, men are disgusting pigs and all they want is to play with your tits and fuck you like a whore. Stop acting like a whore.

I grew up believing that in order for anyone to love me, anyone, to have any kind of love, I had to use my body because that’s all men wanted, no? I got attention, finally, from men because of my body. Sorry mom. Someone has to love me.

I used my body like a ‘whore’ (thanx mom) to get the love I so longed for. My breasts weren’t for feeding babies (though to be honest I did try doing that with my son and I lasted a few days.i.just.couldn’t.do.it), they were to attract the attention of men, you know, those disgusting pigs, so I could have some love and attention.

I grew up believing that my body, specifically my breasts, were for one reason and one reason only. To lure disgusting pigs to have filthy sex.

I can’t believe that I still, to this day, at 56 yrs old, and as open minded and forgiving as I am, deal with this horrific memory and hang on to this ridiculous belief.

I see no beauty in a mom breastfeeding her baby and I honestly wish I could. I really do. I really wish I could see the beauty of a baby feeding naturally from her/his mom. But for now, I still see dirty filthy sex and disgusting pigs luring over her breasts and I want her to hide and yell to her to please “put your breast away, men are looking at you and want to fuck you”.

What a pathetic and disgusting thought. Thanx mom.

I know. How sad for me. I do have to say that I no longer use my body for attention or love. My charming personality takes care of that for me 😝

Hopefully one day I will be able to see the beauty in it, but for now, it just makes me so uncomfortable.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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