OH!! Yes yes yes yes and yes…to everything! I’ve changed my career at least 6 times in the last 30 yrs. I could no way in hell imagine doing the same thing for 30 or 40 yrs right out of high school. My son decided university wasn’t for him right after year 1. Good!! He’s now a server 8 months a year in Canada and the other 4 months he travels Asia and Central America (the latter with me). I am SO glad he’s not chained to a shitty fucking job that he ‘may’ have got with a diploma or degree.

Why is there so much emphasis on “go to school and get a career” and why do you even have to go to school to get a career? No one taught me how to become a freelancer. You can’t learn a lot of these skills in school. My writing comes from my diary when I was 13!.

Kids these days have so much pressure from parents and it just breaks my heart!!! Let ’em live!!!!!

Phew that almost felt like a rant 😝 Excellent piece Brian and thank you so much for shout out and sharing my article. I appreciate you and your support always ❤

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