Next Time You Want to Lock Your Teen Out of the House, Think of Leslie.

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The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook news-feed and one of those call to action posters came up. You know the kind where they ask a question to get engagement and see what people’s answers are. Ya those annoying ones.

This poster and question came up, again. I’ve seen it before and every time I read it the hair on the back of my neck stands up and I want to jump through the monitor and strangle every single solitary douchebag that answers negatively.

I can’t find the poster but here’s the question…

If your child passes curfew, would you lock the door and make them sleep outside?

UGH!!! Such a horrible question but the answers are even worse!!

“Yes that’ll teach them to disrespect me and my house rules!”

“Absolutely! They have to learn there are rules to follow!”

“Without a second thought!! If you can’t listen to me, you can sleep outside!”

There were hundreds of comments and they all pretty much said the same thing. I wanted to punch them all in the fucking head.

Let me take you back to Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The year was 1991. The girl was Leslie Erin Mahaffy. She was 14 years old soon to turn 15.

Some of you may already know what and who I’m talking about. For Canadians, the news shook the whole country. Devastated us. Broke our hearts into a million pieces and left us all in a deep state of shock, horror and sadness.

On June 14th, her and her friends attended a wake for another friend who died in a car crash. After the wake, they all went into the woods, had some drinks, reminisced and consoled each other. Around 2:00 a.m the party ended and the teenagers all went home.

Leslie got to her house and the doors were locked. Her friends now long gone, she walked to a pay phone to call one of her friends to see if she could sleep over. After her friend said no, Leslie started walking back home, perhaps in hopes of waking up her parents to let her in.

That never happened. And she never went home again.

What did happen was that she had the misfortune of running into Paul Bernardo. He happened to be on the same street, at the same time, cruising around, looking for girls. He found one.

Paul managed to lure Leslie to the car, wrapped a sweatshirt over her head and dragged her into the car and back to his house that he shared with Karla Homolka.

For 24 hours they raped and tortured 14 year old Leslie. The next day, Paul strangled her with an electrical cord. He then dismembered her body into small pieces, then pouring concrete on them, making them into small chunks of blocks, and tossed them all into Lake Gibson in St. Catherines. Her remains were found on June 29th.

Leslie wasn’t the only victim of Paul and Karla. There were two more, one being Karla’s own younger sister Tammy. The other being Kristen French. She was abducted in April of 1992, lured to the car, dragged in, brought to their house and then tortured and raped for 3 days.

There are a million stories about these monsters, Paul and Karla (Karla now released from jail, married with children of her own and last reported living in Montreal, Canada). I could go on about them but they don’t deserve that much attention.

What does deserve attention is the horror these teen girls were put through by them, one of them because she got locked out of the house.

So mom and dad, next time you want to punish your child for missing curfew, think about Leslie and don’t for one fucking second think that that could never happen to your child.

Fucking stupid Facebook posters!!!

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