Next Time You Say “I’m Starving” Think About This…

We all say it. “Geez I’m starving! Let’s get something to eat”. Or, “I’m starving, when’s dinner?” Or my favourite one is “OMG I’m starving to death!!”

It’s an innocent enough statement really. We really don’t give it much thought. I never used to. I think there are many statements we say innocently enough, without thought. Another phrase is “Oh shit I’m dying” used in reference to something really fucking funny.

I use them both, or I use the latter one still. The “I’m starving” one I don’t use anymore.

Recently a friend pointed out to me why I should watch my words. He said “you’re not starving Iva, look around you, these people are starving”.

Hello eye opener. He was right.

Down here in the little town I live in, in Guatemala, there are also many little villages around and many of these people really are starving. I have never been exposed to this much poverty and hopelessness in my life. But that’s why I came down here. To help.

Seeing teeny kids with half their hair missing due to malnutrition reminds me I’m not fucking starving. Not even close.

I think the main reason I’m bringing up this topic now is this:

Be the change you wish to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi

So many people talk about all the homelessness and poverty but how many of you (and I don’t mean you in particular, or, er maybe I do?) are actually doing anything about it?

How many? How often?

No one has ever become poor by giving. — Anne Frank

I often hear people say “Oh I don’t have money to give” or “Oh I can’t afford to buy a meal or whatever…bla bla bla..”

Huh. You know, I kinda get that. But you know, even a coffee and a muffin is under $5 I’m sure, no? I’m pretty sure you can go to any grocery store and buy one banana for about $1 or maybe even a sandwich for under $5. No?

I mean, you don’t have $5 to spare to buy someone some food today? Can’t you do this once a week? Read the quote above again. Can you go volunteer at a homeless shelter once or twice a month and help feed some hungry people?

For the love of God can’t you please do something? Can you do it more than once a year?

You know, quite a few years ago when I used to volunteer at the homeless shelter, at Christmas time, all the teams were let go because “businesses” were coming in and doing their part. Really.? Once a fucking year!?! They come, take a million photos of themselves, plaster them all over Facebook and LinkedIn to show how “amazing, kind and generous” these folks are and then we wouldn’t see them until the next Christmas.

Did that feel good? How’s your ego? All polished, big and bright now?

UGH!!!! Get your head out of your ass. People aren’t only starving at Christmas and shelters don’t just need help once a year. What about the other 11 months of the year? Where the fuck are you then?? We sure as fuck don’t see you around then.

Rant done, sorry about that one.

Sorry not sorry. You know, honestly, I do appreciate this help but you gotta know, poverty and hunger isn’t seasonal. It’s real and it’s every fucking day.

So please, next time you say “I’m starving” remember there are people who really are and they sure could use your help. ❤

I love you.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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