My Life Will Never Be Normal Again

And I’m ok with that.

5 years ago I was a hairstylist in a salon in a mall in Northern Ontario Canada. I had been doing this for 25+ years. Get up, fart around the apartment, go to the gym, go to work, cut hair, go home, play Candy Crush for two hours, go to bed.

Or something like that.

My life looked slightly different when I was in relationships but for the most part, that was my life.


Go to work, go home, exist. Rinse repeat. There was structure and routine. Get paid every two weeks, pay bills, try to make sure you had enough money for

  • rent at the end of the month
  • car insurance
  • gas
  • food
  • emergencies
  • etc.

I had the same work schedule for almost all those years. Every single day of every single week of every single month, I knew exactly when I had to go to work.

This was my life. Normal. Routine. Robot-ish.

Fast forward to today. There is nothing normal about my life. 4 years ago I traded all that normalcy in for a life of a freelancer and my life has been chaos ever since. Not in a bad way. It just is.

The only thing routine and normal-ish is first thing in the morning when I get up, make coffee (mind you now there’s a puppy involved so I put coffee on and we rush outside 🐾🐾), sit in my meditation chair, do my thing, journal and chill out a bit.

Then as soon as I get to the computer desk all hell breaks loose.

My inbox must be taken care of first. Depending on what comes in overnight, I’m either gonna spend the day putting out fires, reading SEO blogs or doing a happy dance because I either sold a book or I got curated.

It’s anyone’s guess really. But email almost sets the tone for the day.

Then it’s off to Facebook to check my page and go through the comments, see if I need to ban anyone, check inbox there and see if the scheduling is going ok.

While I’m in Facebook I go through private messages that have come in. My son is 13 hours ahead of me and there is usually one from him ❤. I chat with one or two friends while I’m there and working on my page.

Then it’s off to Pinterest to see how videos, blogs, pins, tribes, groups and images are doing. I’m doing a happy dance because Pinterest continues to rock my fucking world.

Then it’s time to check my day planner. What do I have scheduled to do today? The bigger question being, how much of it actually will get done? It’s anyone’s guess, really.

The day starts and I also have to head to the market for some food, this week I start Spanish lessons and head back to the gym after a too long hiatus because I chose to smoke instead of taking care of my health. That whole smoking bullshit ends today (Monday the 11th).

Halfway into the day another email comes in. More fires to put out. Read another blog, watch a tutorial on how to do something. This could take an hour or less, give or take an hour.

I check the clock and it’s almost 6 pm. I need to eat dinner soon. Whip up something fast, read stories on Medium while I eat. Wash dishes and back to the computer.

I should make more posters for Pinterest. Should I write another blog tonight for my website? Maybe Medium could use a new story. I chat with my friend Cheney a wee bit about the pub and bullshit life related stuff.

It’s almost 9 pm. Almost time to shut it down for the day, which started at 6:15 am thanx to my new sweet four legged furry jerk.

My life is anything but normal. Every day holds opportunities, work, struggles, chaos and fun. I never know from one minute to the next what the day will bring.

It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. At any given moment a friend can call and say “hey let’s go get coffee” and in 2 seconds I turn everything off and go.

This life I have created for myself is anything but normal and stress free but it’s a beautiful disaster just the same. Though I sometimes do miss my more normal days, I wouldn’t trade this life in for anything in the world.

I miss my normal days when I’m tired of putting out fires.

I miss my normal days when I have to go back through 250 blogs to change something.

I miss my normal days when I could get in my car on a Sunday and go for a relaxing drive.

I miss my normal days when I knew exactly how much my paycheque was going to be every two weeks.

Am I ok with this? Most days. Some days though I wish, even for one week, my life was normal again.

Yes, sometimes I do miss my normal days. I know my life will never be normal again but I love this new life. I love the fact that I now have control over everything in my life as far as my work goes.

I love the fact that I have control over how much time I want to work and when I can go play. My time and hard work dictates my pay now. My work dictates my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you love what you do, it’s not work

I have created the life I used to dream about. Freedom, no snow, inner peace and control over my own destiny. It’s hard work, a lot of hard work (regardless of what that quote says, there is still work to be done), that doesn’t come without frustrations and normal set backs that anyone else may have.

But this is the life I love. It’s far from perfect, it’s far from normal but it’s absolutely fucking beautiful.

Are you working towards your dream life? Do you love what you do? Are you happy? I hope you answered yes.

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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