My Life Can Be Found On a Million Post-It Notes

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Hi my name is Iva and I’m a Post-It Note addict. In case you missed this story, I also have another addiction, to nicotine, but let’s not talk about that right now. I’m on Day 4 of no smoking 😜 You can read about that here.

Anyway, moving on….

So you can find almost my entire life on a Post-it note. Wanna know what I’m doing tomorrow? Check out the pink ones. There are some that even have really important dates on it. Don’t ask me what they’re for though. No clue. What do I need at the market? Those are on the blue ones. Feel free to add yummy stuff to that list (cake, donuts, chocolate bars, Keto diet I fucking hate you).

The yellow ones? Oh those are top secret ones. Just about every password I have for the most ridiculous sites are on the yellow ones. I can tell you that here because the chance of you showing up at my door ( I live in Guatemala) and peeking at them is a gajillion to one.

The green ones have random important numbers and names and codes. Do I know what any of them mean? You guessed it. Not a fucking clue. To be honest, I really wish I had purple ones but I haven’t found purple down here yet.

But let’s get real? What would I even write on the purple ones? My whole life is already well planned out on all those other colours. That just so happen to be laying around my desk and my little desk shelf. Yup. Pretty post-it note colours all over the fucking place.

My life is written out all over 2.5" coloured paper that you can actually stick to things. You can. I don’t. Mine are just laying around. I think there is one or two that are actually crumpled up waiting to get to the garbage. More numbers that mean nothing to me. May as well just toss them.

How did this happen? This chaos and mismanagement of my life and my clear lack of organizational skills? When did this start? How could it have come to this?

This entrepreneur freelance lifestyle is relatively new to me (can you consider 3 yrs still new?). I’ve never had to do any of this before (probably one of the many reasons why my business closed after 3 yrs). I even have a really pretty day planner that someone bought me and I think the last entry was in March. I’m clueless.

I don’t know how to organize or properly keep track of really important stuff and as a freelancer, everything is pretty important.

But something dawned on me the other day. I had a huge a-ha moment. Could it be that I’m secretly afraid of success? I mean, I feel like I’m pretty successful in many aspects of my life, but my business? Nope. Not even close.

I think what I fear most is something I’m desperately trying to achieve but too afraid to really apply the necessary things to make it successful. Business success and abundance. I don’t know what that tastes like that. I have no idea how it feels.

I’m actually kinda scared of it. Aren’t we all somewhat afraid of the unknown? Even just a little? Of course we are. Fear blocks us, stops us, makes us run and hide. Fear is also the #1 killer of dreams and goals. But wait, here’s the kicker….you’re gonna laugh at this one.

I’m the girl who always talks about facing your fear and chase your dreams and don’t stop at anything until you reach your goals and bla bla bla. Yup that’s me. I’m that brave, ballsy badass girl who pushes the envelope, challenges herself constantly, takes on big adventures and lives life to the fullest.

Yet my life is scattered on coloured sticky notes. With no direction. There’s purpose. Lots of it. But direction? Focus? Nope. Nudda.

So let’s get back to my a-ha moment. I realized it was time to start acting like a professional freelancer with direction and focus. Like a freelancer who actually is prepared for and is welcoming success. You’re not even gonna believe what I did.

I set up a calendar on my website to easily book appointments for my card readings. That was huge for me. I’ve been doing Angel card readings for over a year and I just finally set up a booking calendar (who the fuck ties her shoes?). It’s so pretty and I’m so damn proud of myself.

Guess what else I did? I went through a few post-it notes to see if they could actually be transferred onto something, you know, like a day planner (I got one of those!!) Yup. I cleaned up some post-its.

I signed up for Anchor so I can start podcasting. The shit just got real.

I finally stepped into my power. I finally stepped into that “you got this Iva and yes success in all areas of your life can be yours and you SO deserve it”. I meditated the crap out of that affirmation. I prayed and released all limiting beliefs that have been hanging around since childhood.

Your turn.

Does any of this even remotely resonate with you? Do you think fear could actually be blocking you from the success you desire and deserve? Have a good look at your life and your work life. What’s missing? What’s stopping it from coming? I think the answer lies within. I think you know that too.

Stop playing small. Start acting and preparing your life for the success you want. It’s yours to be had and you deserve it!

I promise to only keep the post it notes for my grocery list from now on.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

I have a really awesome self help guide that you might be interested in. Check it out here! From Hell to Happiness.



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