My Dark Obsession Will Shock You!

A Secret From The Rainbows and Butterflies Girl

If you follow me you’ll know that I’m a rainbow and butterflies kinda girl. I love to sprinkle pixie dust everywhere I go and make people feel really good about themselves.

I walk down the street with a smile on my face and say hello to probably 95% of the people I walk by. I love to see the good and the beauty in everything and everyone all the time.

I love skishing puppies and kittens and smooching up adorable Guatemala kids (they are ridiculously cute!! ❤ )

I’m also a butterfly. I flit around with my head in the clouds and always believe that no matter what, things always turn out for the best. You could say I’m a quintessential optimist and a very happy go lucky kinda girl.

But, this happy and loving girl has a crazy secret obsession. It’s almost like a dark side that no one ever understands when I tell them. Actually they usually gasp in horror. True story.

So what’s my secret dark obsession?

UFC, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Horror Movies, Dark and Ugly Murder/Drama/Gore Shows.

Yup. The gorier and bloodier, the better. Lemme see them chopping off heads and dicks (this happens on Game of Thrones). The best UFC fights have the jaw dropping knock outs, kicks to the head, blood pouring out of open gashes, deep gouges to the eyebrow, you name it, I’m all over it (die-hard fan).

Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Oh hello!! Scarface had the best chain saw clip ever to be honest. Final Destination movies!? Oh yes please. I think my favourite scene was the tanning bed one. Sizzle. 😝

I have this absolutely ridiculous dark obsession to anything bloody, shocking, brutal and terrifying.

You won’t find me watching comedies, chick flicks or romances. Nope never ever. Put something on that will have me on the edge of my seat, half covering my eyes and gasping in horror (mind you, throw on a 3D minion movie and I’m good!!).

My very first horror movie was The Birds. Raise your hand if you’ve seen this one. I think I may have been 8 or 10 at the time. I was in complete awe. I was hooked.

Then The Exorcist came out and I remember my older sister went to go see it at the theaters ( I was too young at the time) and she came back absolutely terrified. Scared to the tune of she wouldn’t sleep alone that night.

Oh how I wanted to see it so bad. I was so jealous that she could go and I couldn’t. I needed to know what was so bad that had scared her so much.

So I actually own a TV here in Guatemala. My apartment came fully equipped. The only time the TV ever goes on is when I need my weekly UFC fix (sometimes twice weekly). I subscribe to UFC Fight Pass (shocker) and can stream it from my iPad through my Roku box (thanx Dave!!) to the TV. Hallelujah!!

Every now and then, if I’m in the mood, I’ll find a good horror movie or fast paced action thriller that surely has some mind blowing crash or shoot ’em up scenes.

I know. You’re just as shocked as everyone else. That’s cool. You probably also wanna know why this obsession with everything dark, ugly, horrifying, bloody and gory.

To be honest, I have no clue. None whatsoever. Like, I can’t even explain it. Well wait that’s only partially true. The obsession with the Vikings actually began with Ragnar Lothbrok (HELL-o!!!). Horror movies began with The Birds.

I’ve been watching UFC since it first began. Actually this year is their 25th anniversary (told ya I was a fan).

If I had to try to explain it, the best way I could is this:

Because my days are filled with work, trying to make the world a better place, staying positive and helping people around the world as best I can, listening to stories of sadness and sorrow, hurt and anger, loss and grief, I use my obsession to slip out of reality into something totally off the charts, unbelievable (except UFC ’cause that shit’s real!) that almost takes me away to a fantasy world.

I don’t want to think about your problems or my problems or the problems around the world. I need to totally escape and these shows help me do that.

So there ya have it. Cute little optimistic fun and silly Iva loves blood, guts and gore (and super hot men like Ragnar 😝).

Please pick your jaw up off the floor now. Honestly, I really am a sweet, caring and loving person. Ask anyone ❤

So what’s your secret obsession? Share if you dare!

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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