I’m Selling My Business and I Feel Like Throwing Up

Am I doing the right thing?

Iva Ursano
4 min readMay 4, 2022



When I first started Amazing Me Movement back in 2015 I had no idea what I was doing. I had a Feng Shui website and when I got tired of that I turned it into a self help site.

I blogged about my shitty boyfriend and my dysfunctional family. I started a Facebook page and here we are, 7 years later, with almost 1,000,000 million followers across all social media platforms, 100K monthly website visits and a tired 60 year old woman who doesn’t have the energy to keep it going.

This site also supports me. Quite comfortably.

Should I or shouldn’t I

I asked myself this back in 2018. Should I sell it, keep it, grow it, retire with it. I had no answers. It was making me good money and I had already put 3 years of blood sweat and tears into it.

Was I ready to give that up?

I held back and shelved that thought. I just wasn’t ready. This site was my baby. If I sold it, what would I do then?

Then in 2020 it crashed hard thanx to Pinterest. You can read about that here

and here

I lost everything, even the cute little house I was renting. I had to move.

Finally the pot of gold

In February of 2021 I got my business back and decided then it was time to get it ready to sell. It was becoming too stressful for me as most of my traffic came from Pinterest and Pinterest is about as moody as teenager who is having a period.

I had to give it a full year of consistent earnings and hope and pray that during that time, Pinterest would behave and not pull the plug…



Iva Ursano

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