I’m Not Your Typical Self Help Guru

I promise not to choke you

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Typing that out almost sounds funny. Self help guru. I think that’s what I am. 10 years ago? Absolutely not. But today? Sure. You can call me that. I mean, I do my best to help people see the good in life, let go of their past, embrace change, flick fear, bla bla bla….

All the typical self help guru stuff.

I blog about self help, even wrote a self help guide! I truly and sincerely want to inspire people so they can live a life they deserve. I believe that’s my purpose (along with feeding the hungry and fostering puppies).

Am I a guru? Probably, for lack of a better term I guess. According to Google this is what a guru is:

Guru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of certain knowledge or field.

Looks good to me.

But I’m really not your ‘typical’ guru though. The typical guru rams self help down your throat until you choke on it. They make videos and buy ads to make sure you see them and their “special package offer”.

The typical guru has you believe their life and world is perfect. There is no vulnerability, little honesty and rarely any sincerity. They mostly just want you to buy their shit so they can then talk about how they make 7 figures a year with this great program and ‘you can too!!’

The typical self help guru is chasing you and your money. I honestly think that these guys have given a bad name to the other guys, like me.

When most people hear ‘self help guru’ they cringe and slowly back away. They know. More regurgitated bullshit on how you should ‘find inner peace’ and ‘be one with nature’ and ‘be here now’.

But I’m not your typical self help guru. I have a self help guide. Did you even know that? Not until I told you. I suck at self promotion. I have a book. It’s on my website. It’s pretty fucking awesome. If you want it, it’s there. If not, that’s cool.

Most of my blogs stem from things that happened in my life. They are pretty raw and real. I have overcome a shit ton of challenges and am more than happy to share them with you (much to my family’s chagrin) to help you overcome yours.

I do twice weekly Lives over on my Facebook page. I talk of struggles and challenges and how to overcome them. Sometimes I even do my Lives in my jammies, with bed head and no make up on.

I could not care less.

I don’t ram anything down anyone’s throat. You want to hang out with me on one of my Lives, that’s cool. You don’t? Whatever. You want to read a blog and get inspiration? Fantastic. You want some advice? That’s cool too.

You mostly know where to find me (website or Facebook page) because I’m not chasing you down to try to help you. I’m not that guru.

I have to be honest though. When I first burst on to the ‘self help’ scene I came in trails a blazing looking to make money fast. ‘Create a coaching program Iva’. ‘Create a product Iva’. ‘Iva do this and this and this and soon you’ll be earning 6 figures’.

All the advice I heard suddenly started to sound like what everybody else was doing. I’m not everybody else. I’m Iva. It was all starting to feel too icky to me. That’s not who I am and I don’t feel comfortable doing any of that.

I backed away, found me again and started doing my own thing. I did write a book. The above mentioned self help guide. That didn’t feel icky. It seriously is life changing and I wrote it with all my heart. Most of my stories, and great advice, at your fingertips.

So I do have one thing for sale but you’d never know it.

The personal development world has been given a bad rap by, in my opinion, the ‘plastic self help gurus’. The ones who have little to no real life experiences, paint on fake smiles and too much make up, and just want you to buy the ‘best self help book/coaching program/course ever’.

Life coaches are a dime a dozen now. They’re everywhere. ‘Book your free 30 minute discovery session with me now’! Tell me Felicia, what the fuck are you gonna learn about me in 30 minutes?

That’s what I thought.

But…We’re not all like that. I care about you. I truly do. I care that you have no money and need help. Trust me, I totally get that. I’m more than happy to give you as much help as I possibly can. That’s why I do free Lives twice a week (you should really check them out!)

I’m there to help you. Inspire you, motivate you, encourage you and empower you. Every now and then I will drop the link to my self help guide and my Angel Card readings but I mostly forget to do that.

I really suck at self promotion.

But what I don’t suck at is being real. What you see is what you get. If I was to run into you on the street I’d hug you, treat you like a human being, maybe even ask if you want to grab a coffee or a shot of tequila!

I’m totally nutty and definitely a squirrel. I am sensitive and naive and fun and funny ( I think so anyway). I’m quiet and loud, I am an introvert and an extrovert (isn’t there a name for that?). I work in my pj’s all day, I love Fireball shots from the fridge and I like to smoke weed in the evenings.

I’m just an average person. Nothing too special about me. No facade and no masks.

Like yours, my life isn’t perfect. I still have struggles. I have sometimes daily challenges. I’m still learning and growing. I’m real af. And I don’t pretend to be anyone I’m not to make myself look better than anyone else in order to be considered a ‘self help guru’.

I’ve learned what a heart centered entrepreneur really is and I embrace it. I’ve learned that when you truly want to help people and come from a place of love, realness and sincerity, it all feels so damn good. Like it makes my heart explode (but in a good way).

When you stop chasing money and people, and start following your heart and your passion, people notice.

And they appreciate you and your you-ness.

But this holds true for everything in your life, not just your professional life. Be real. Lead from your heart. Treat people the way they want to be treated and don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

If you’re doing something and it doesn’t feel right, stop doing it. Your intuition is telling you to back off. You need to do your things with love. We are here to serve others. With love. Do more of that.

When you stay true to who you are, good things happen ❤

Wanna buy a book? 😉

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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