I’m Convinced my House is Haunted

The case of the missing ear bud cover

It’s official. My house is haunted. This last episode finally convinced me I’m not alone here, at all.

I’m going to try to explain this as best as I possibly can so you can understand it. It’s just so fucking bizarre I still can’t wrap my head around it.

When I moved into this house in January I originally took the front bedroom with the patio doors to the balcony. It was all set up with my things for convenience. My night stands had all the normal things I needed.

  • nail files
  • tiger balm
  • migraine pills
  • a set of earbuds
  • pepper spray
  • etc.

You know, the usual night stand things. I never did use the earbuds or the pepper spray, thank God for the latter.

Last month I decided to move into the back bedroom and transferred all my night stand things to the new room except the earbuds. I never found them to be comfortable so I hardly ever used them.

I needed the earbuds one night

So the other night I decided I wanted to listen to a quit smoking hypnosis (ya I’m still smoking…) and I needed the earbuds. I grabbed them from the other room and noticed one of the earbud rubber cover thingies was missing.

No big deal. I can still use them without the one cover.

So off I went to bed, with my earbuds, one rubber cover missing, the other one still intact. I fell asleep soundly to the hypnosis and sometime in the middle of the night I took the earbuds off.

And then this happened…

When I woke up the next morning and rolled out of bed I noticed something in my bed. It was still slightly dark so it was hard to make out what exactly it was.

I moved the sheets and it moved too. I immediately assumed it was a critter. Not unusual here in Mexico.

Now I needed to see what kind of critter it was.

I turned on the light and there it was. The other rubber cover for the earbud.


I stood there dumbfounded for a minute. How dafuk did this even make it to my bed when I never had it in the first place? I instantly checked the earbuds thinking it was just the other one that had fallen off.

Nope. That one was still intact.

I’m sure I looked like I had just seen a ghost.

Other strange and unusual happenings

This isn’t the first strange thing that has happened here either. There have been two other incidences but I didn’t pay much attention to them. I just thought it was simply me misplacing something and then it popped up somewhere else.

But not that fucking ear bud cover. There is no way, no how, no reasonable explanation for that to even shown up where it did.

I’m not scared at all

Now I think if this happened to anyone else they may be a wee bit scared knowing they aren’t really alone in the house.

I’m not scared. I find it a tad entertaining and so so peculiar.

Needless to say I am now very very aware of my surroundings and the things in my surroundings.

It’s all very creepy in a very intriguing way.

Do you have a ghost story?

I still can’t believe I actually have a ghost story to share :). I was always so envious of people who had super cool ghost stories to share and now I’m one of them.


So tell me, has anything peculiar like this ever happened to you?? I wanna know!!

xo iva xo

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