I’m Cleaning My House For the First Time in 5 Years

To be perfectly honest, there once was a time when I used to love cleaning my house/apartment. Cleaning zens me out and makes me feel kinda happy.

Well, it used to. 5 years ago.

Then I moved to Guatemala, hired a cleaning lady and I haven’t cleaned my apartment since. Having someone come in and clean just made my life easier not to mention it employs a local woman who needs work!

Not only that, but it’s also super affordable to have a cleaning lady.

It’s clearly a win-win.

But let’s be honest now. I’d just rather pay someone else to clean now then do it myself. Ok. I’ve become lazy. There. I said it.

5 years…I haven’t done shit

Wait, I think I swept the kitchen floor once or twice. My cleaning lady comes in once a week. There’s nothing for me to clean in between her visits. I do my dishes. I take out the trash if I need to.

That’s about it.

But as far as washing the floors and the bathroom/shower/sinks/kitchen and all the other stuff? Oy 🤦‍♀️It’s been a really long time.

Do I even remember how to clean? I’m about to find out.

Losing my cleaning lady to isolation

Apparently, my cleaning lady falls into the nonessential group of services.

“But wait!! Have you seen my house? She’s essential dammit”.

They don’t really care. She’s required to stop working and I’m required to pay her. And as of right now, my house really needs cleaning.

It’s a pretty big freakin house

When I moved to Mexico from Guatemala one of the first things I did was, you guessed it, find a cleaning lady. She’s as sweet as pie, a single mom with a few kids and she’s just a really nice girl.

I had a small house when I first got here but I recently moved into a much larger two-bedroom/two-bathroom/two-story house. Ok, so you’re probably wondering why the fuck I moved into such a big house when I live alone.

I just really love this house, the location and the killer view of the lake.

So now, I have to clean this house alone. I know, poor Iva. How horrible for her.

“Oh, Iva you poor thing I’m so sorry for you”.


Where do I even start?

I don’t even know. The kitchen? The top floor? The main floor? This is gonna take me all fucking day. I know it.

She’s usually in and out in two and a half hours. It’ll take me that long just on the main floor. And then if I start moving furniture and find critters I’m gonna lose my shit. If they’re already dead that’s cool.

But if something moves? Ugh. It’ll take me an hour just to figure out how to get close enough to it to kill it and what method will I use to do that?

How does she wash the floor like what does she even use? I’ve never seen a Swiffer mop here. 🤷‍♀️ Do I even have a mop to wash the floors with? Where is it??

I’m clueless.

This is gonna take me forever.

Where are all the rags? Does she hide them somewhere? Ooph I gotta start checking closets. I have no idea where the cleaning supplies are kept.

Clueless, totally clueless.

Someone, please tell the government she’s essential ffs!


Saturday is the day

I have most of Friday to figure this out, find my cleaning stuff and get ready for Saturday.

To be honest, I mean perfectly honest, I am kinda looking forward to it. I’ll go through drawers and cupboards, find things I’ve misplaced, freshen everything up and feel good about what I’ve accomplished.

I’ll also finally step away from the computer and do something fun-ish and not work. Work will cross my mind and I may even have moments of inspiration!

I’ll get into corners and behind things (I don't think she does that 🤔) and do a proper Iva cleaning (wait is that even a thing?).

So, ya, I’m kinda looking forward to this whole house cleaning thing. I’m also looking forward to her coming back.

All kidding aside, it’s going to be an ok day.

Being grateful for all you have

I’ve always been super grateful for everything in my life but sometimes I overlook things. I mean, I’m very grateful to my cleaning lady and I tell her that every time she comes. I tell her she does such a great job and I’m happy she comes here.

But then I forget about her throughout the week until she comes back the following Thursday.

But losing her has reminded me to be grateful for all the things in my life right now, every single day.

I’m grateful for my friends I video call once or twice a week. I’m grateful I’m healthy. I’m grateful I’m safe.

I’m just so fucking grateful for so many things, everything, every day above ground. I’m grateful that I’m healthy enough to clean my house.

We’re still complaining

These are stressful times. We complain about things closing, people losing jobs, the economy, the spread of the ‘v’ thing, how bored we are, how broke we are.

Trust me, I so get it. But today I am not complaining once about anything. Today I am going to be grateful for all I have and then tomorrow, Saturday, house cleaning day, I will again be grateful for everything, including the big beautiful house I have.

I have to learn to stop complaining about the little things that go wrong in my life right now and be grateful for what is going right.

I’m alive, healthy and well and that in itself is beautiful.

xo iva xo

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