If You’re Offended By the “F” Word, Move On Karen

This article isn’t for you, or maybe it is!

This article stems from too many people commenting on some of my image quotes on my Facebook page that happen to contain the word Fuck. It still baffles me to this day why fuck has such a bad rap. I get that many people dislike offensive language but….

…let’s get real for a minute.

Before I dive in to my favourite F word in the world lemme share with you some of the comments that people have left on some of my posters.

Some of these even come in the form of a pm. Oh joy!!

  • It’s such a beautiful post but the use of the “f” word is unnecessary. (she can’t even spell it out)
  • I am going to have to unlike your page. I don’t like that word. (fine, good bye)
  • Well I can’t share this with anyone because you ruined it. (great, don’t then!!) I actually had to ban her from my page as her private messages became really rude and insulting to me.
  • Do you have to use the “f” word? (as a matter of fact, yes, yes I do)
  • Why does this page have to use foul language? (Felicia, you’re on the wrong page sweetheart)

And then there are the people who can’t wait to inform me that people who use the word fuck aren’t intelligent. Your insulting words make my eyes bleed!!

I got two words for you guys. “Good bye!” :)

Girl’s got a potty mouth!!

Ok, I swear. I use the F word, wait, I say Fuck, a lot. You know, I clearly remember blogging about this not too long ago but it was necessary to do it again.


Because I just don’t understand why Fuck has gotten such a bad rap and it annoys the shit out of me when people say to me “do you have to use that word”. Well, as a matter of fact, Becky, yes I do.

Do you have to complain so fucking much?? Just enjoy the beautiful image and powerful quote for goodness sake!


If you can’t, then move the fuck on.

You know, I don’t get how people can judge me and shun me because of my use of the word Fuck. I am one of the happiest, most loving, generous, kind and caring people you will ever meet and you want to diss me because I say Fuck?

You have got to be kidding me.

And I’m not saying all that about myself to pump my own ego or anything like that. It all boils down to judging and why we NEVER should!

I don’t judge you for being a miserable “c u next Tuesday” (few will get this reference :p )

Offensive language is only offensive when you use it in such a manner. I choose to not. Ok, not usually 😜

Positive power

Now let me take a minute to explain my use of the word Fuck. When I am using it on my images or in a post it is always used as an adjective and it is always a sentence enhancer.

“Don’t ever fucking apologize for the powerful woman you are!!”

See how that enhances the sentence and lets the lady know exactly JUST how amazing she is??!!

It adds power to the uplifting and empowering quote, yes? A LOT of power. Positive power, I might add. Here’s another example and one of my favourites

“I will make today the most amazing fucking day ever”.

See how that just makes the whole sentence so powerful and fun and bold? There is no doubt in your mind how awesome my day is gonna be. See?

No offensive language here!

Negative power

Here’s one way you will never see me use the word Fuck on my Facebook page. “You are fucking annoying.” See how negative and horrible that is? I would NEVER use the word Fuck in a negative way on my page. It becomes ugly then and my page is only filled with beauty, love and joy, and sentence enhancers.

Sentence enhancers. You know what those are. You use them too. You use words like “gosh darn” and “damn” and “friggin”. I know if you said fuck you’d be using them as adjectives too! Don’t lie.

The only thing ugly on my page is the people who come on and complain about me swearing. I have a newsflash for you “There are worse things going on in the world right now then me dropping the occasional “F” bomb on MY page”!

Yes, I get that it is used in some very negative ways. I get that many people use it when they are fighting, mad, arguing, angry and any other negative activity. It’s used a lot in gang movies and war movies and rap songs and a lot of forms of entertainment.

I mean, we don’t have to sit here and go on and on about how and when the word Fuck is used in a negative situation. We all know already.

It’s not always bad

I think I just want people to realize that things change, people change and views can change and I want people to start viewing the word Fuck in a different light. It isn’t always used in a negative way and people need to release that thought and the negativity attached to this word put there by society.

Be more open-minded about it.

I just don’t get why people get all bent out of shape over a silly little 4 letter word. I mean just think about THAT for one minute. How can such a cute fun silly small word have so much power?

Because society has given it that power but we’ve used it for evil (suddenly I sound like Gandalf). Will we ever see the beauty in the word Fuck? I know I will, what about you?

Really, just chill the fuck out about it. (that was positive, really it was)

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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