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If Your Life Sucks, It’s Your Own Fault

Sorry, not sorry.

Iva Ursano
6 min readJun 19, 2024


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💥Update: I wrote this article back in 2019, and I received so many hateful comments. One girl told me to go kill myself. It was bad. I’m editing it slightly so as not to offend anyone because, you know, everyone is sensitive these days. I wanted to reshare it because the message is powerful, and I think it could help someone.

Moving on to the story now…

Sorry, not sorry. You’re probably mad at me for saying that. I don’t really gaf. Know why? Because I remember a time when my life was beyond miserable, and I blamed everyone but myself.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault that my life was shit but my own.

It’s just easier to blame others. Amirite?

Now, before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, let me make one thing clear. This article in no way, shape, or form means to disrespect those who suffer from any form of mental illness or those who have had serious tragedies in their lives that were completely out of their control and disrupted their entire lives. Some things simply are out of your control. This article doesn’t apply to you so please move on and don’t leave a hateful comment in the thread. (I hope that came out diplomatically?)