If The Door is Closed, Kick That Fucker Down

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat

As you know, I run an inspirational quotes/blogs Facebook page (you did know that, right?) and with that, I tend to read, create and also share lots of other image quotes from other pages on my page.

I usually spend 20–30 minutes a day going through pages and checking out some of their quotes. Tedious? Kinda. Fun? Meh. Boring? Usually. The only reason why it can be boring is that I tend to see some of the same quotes over and over again.

Anyway, there’s one quote that a very good friend of mine posts on her page and every time I see it, I laugh.

If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

When she posts it I always leave a comment. “Not my door? Whatever. If it doesn’t open kick that fucker down!!”

Some people cringe when I say that. I don’t give a shit. How many times have you knocked on a door that didn’t open and then just walked away?

Why would you do that? Why are you walking away? Don’t you want to know what’s behind this door? There could be something behind it just for you!!

I’m a bit of an in your face pitbull kinda girl. If I want something, I’ll stop at nothing to get it. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. What does happen though each and every time is that I learn a lesson. A very valuable one.

Though my motto isn’t for everyone, it works for me. Lemme explain:

Opportunity and lessons are hiding everywhere. If you don’t open your mind and eyes to find/see them, they will pass you by. Sometimes these opportunities are hidden behind closed doors.

Imagine if all the doors you knocked on didn’t open. Imagine that every single door you knocked on never opened.

Will you just keep walking then? Will you just stay on the path you are on and keep going in the direction you’ve always been going never to change anything? Never to learn or grow or expand and explore?

That’s not living. That’s not progressing. That’s flatlining and you know how I feel about that?

You’ll have plenty of time to flatline when you’re dead. Don’t do it now.

When I was starting my freelance career I knocked on doors that kept staying closed. I kicked those fucking doors down. “You need to see me dammit”. And see me they did.

I can’t even imagine my life if I had just walked by all those closed doors. I shudder to think about it.

Closed doors are a test. They are a test to see how much determination you have. How much are you willing to learn? How much are you willing to grow and How fucking bad do you want this?

I want you to start kicking down doors. I want you to start believing in yourself. Be a pitbull. Show people what you have to offer and who you are. Leave no door closed. Find out what’s behind them.

Don’t live with regret and trust me, you will never regret kicking down doors. There’s always something behind them waiting just for you.

I love you ❤

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Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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