If Money Wasn’t An Issue, How Would You Live?

How would the world around you change?

I’m always up for a good challenge. Victoria Ponte tagged me on this one and I was more than happy to participate. Just even sitting and thinking this one out made my heart tingle.

So assuming this means that if I never had to worry about money ever again and I had an endless abundant supply, this is how I would live.

What would Iva do?

I would visit every country where poverty/malnutrition and death from starvation and disease is a serious issue. I would open up food and medicine shelters and have volunteers come, for free, and help the needy. Each shelter would be continuously well stocked.

There would be sleeping quarters for the homeless stocked with jammies and nice cozy beds and blankies.

I would also open up schools and education for the poor would be free. There they can learn to read and write and acquire skills to help them get jobs. I would make sure that every single child gets an education and a chance for a good future.

Then I would see where the need for more homeless shelters is and open some up in each city and get them off the streets. These shelters will be well stocked with everything they need.

Then we move on to the furry critters.

I would open up sterilization and vaccination clinics to get them fixed and treated for whatever disease they have. I would also set up adoption agencies for these little guys and get them into loving homes.

If they need to be shipped to first world countries for adoption, then so be it! I’ll do that too.

There would be little food and water stations on the streets for the dogs so they always have something to eat and there would be volunteers to make sure these stations are always full of food.

Then it’s my turn

I would probably have a house here in Guatemala and travel to other places for leisure, a holiday if you will. If I happen to fall in love with another country, I will have a house there too.

My family will be well taken care of, always. My kid will never have to work again (unless he really wanted to) and we would probably travel a lot together. Knowing my son like I do, he would probably volunteer in different countries with the furry critters ❤

And I’ll be honest, I may even have some cosmetic surgery done. Not like a boob job or anything but maybe just have nicer skin, get rid of these wrinkles and maybe a nicer nose? 🤷‍♀️

I would never look at another price tag in my life. If I see something I want, I will buy it. Period.

Would I still write?

I’ll be honest, I write for two reasons.

  1. it pays my bills, and
  2. I really do enjoy doing it

But would I still write? If I didn’t have to write to pay my bills? I’m not really sure. I think I would maintain a blog about the progress that would be happening in the countries that have free education and shelters. I would write about the puppies and kitties and snap a million photos of them 🐾.

I would write still, I think, for enjoyment and to inspire people around the world but more leaning towards humanity than self improvement.

And I would relax. I would travel and relax knowing that people and furry critters aren’t starving to death anymore and every living thing now has happiness, good health, food and hope.

What would you? Tagging time: Cheney Meaghan Jeff Barton Bonnie Barton Elle Fredine Jason Weiland Joren van Schaik Vanessa Torre Michael Shook Tom Kuegler

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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