I May Have to Stop Going to the Gym Because of You

Why do you have to be so selfish?

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I have an on again off again relationship with the gym. I love it but sometimes life gets in the way and I simply can’t go (sounds like a good excuse to me, no?). This week I decided to head back to the gym.

As much as I love the gym I go to here in Panajachel, there are two things that turn me off.

  1. The ridiculously loud music, and
  2. The members who bathe in their cologne/perfume.

Now the music I can kinda control. I just gotta tell the sweet boy at the desk to please turn it down just a wee bit and he will.

Now let’s talk about the latter. The reason I am writing this. It happened yesterday, my first day back, and then again today. And to say I’m irritated and extremely annoyed is an understatement.

I like pretty smelly things too

Honest I do. I like the smell of flowers and chocolate chip cookies baking. I like the smell of bacon and there’s nothing like the aroma coming from a BBQ!


Yup. Some smells are heavenly.

Your cologne/perfume on the other hand is not heavenly. In fact they are migraine triggers for me. They can set me back for the whole day and leave me rendered relatively useless.


Can you please hear me out?

Most fragrances kill me. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t this is what it’s like:

  • the minute I smell your cologne/perfume my head shouts at me, immediately! It happens that fast.
  • the shouting in my head gets progressively worse within minutes.
  • picture hundreds of tiny elves in my head having a huge party with hot sledge hammers beating my temples and forehead, non stop
  • then I get nauseous because the pain is so bad I feel like throwing up
  • I have to stop my workout because the screaming in my head is excruciating
  • suddenly my vision is slightly blurred and I need to go home.

This is what happens to me when you walk in to the gym after you’ve bathed in your cologne/perfume.

I get the whole BO thing.

You know, body order. Nobody wants to stink at the gym. Not even me. That’s why they make deodorant. It’s pretty effective. Have you tried it?

Now I also get that we like to smell fresh and pretty. I get that too. But for the love of God and everything holy, bathing in your fragrance does not make you smell fresh and pretty. It’s nothing short of obnoxious and overpowering.

And for people like me, it’s debilitating.

Am I being selfish?

Please try to be considerate of the people around you. Your fragrance may smell lovely to you and others but not everyone. There are people like me who suffer tremendously because of your cologne/perfume.

I’m not sure if I’m being selfish here. Maybe I am? I don’t really know. All I’m asking for is a little bit of compassion. I like going to the gym probably just as much as you do.

But you’re killing me, and my workouts. In my opinion (please put your rotten tomatoes away) I don’t really think you need to bathe in your fragrance before you come to the gym.

Deodorant works.

I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going to the gym. Whether you bathe in your shit or not. I need to go for me. I’ll still go even though you’re killing me. I may even get really brave and ask you personally to please not wear so much fragrance.

I may. But the shy little people pleasing mouse in me is afraid of how you’ll respond. I don’t do well with confrontation. It upsets me. A lot. But so do migraines.

Maybe tomorrow if you’re there and you’re wearing migraine inducing killer cologne/perfume I might pull up my big girl panties and talk to you and ask you please, please, can you just not anymore?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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