I Got a Message From A Man I’ll Never See Again

So you gotta know, I talk to and interact with all kinds of people from around the world through my work, my Facebook pages and through other people I have met. Some of these people I’ve met in real life, others are simply internet ‘acquaintances’.

I also write an awful lot here on Medium and over on my website Amazing Me Movement (you should check it out really!). Also over on my Facebook page I create and share a shit ton of inspirational image quotes and do Live streams 2 times a week.

So while I’m blowing sunshine up people’s asses I honestly have no clue if it’s all falling on deaf ears or if I’m even making a difference in anyone’s life. No clue. The only way for me to know is when someone sends me a message and says,

‘hey Iva that Live you did last month really made me stop and think and now I’m turning my life around! Thank you!’

That right there is how I know my shit is working. 😎

So let me take you back some 8 or 9 years ago (the exact time I don’t remember). My younger sister was living in PA with her cute little family. Two young boys and a handsome American Marine.

One day we got a call that her husband had been in a serious car accident on his way to work. He died at the hospital within hours. We all rushed to get to PA to be with her.

Once there we were surrounded by many of her husband’s friend for support. He was a member of a motorcycle club and was highly respected by many. I met and friended a few of them.

My sister has since moved back to Canada and I know I will never see any of these people again in my life (though life has a funny way of proving us wrong sometimes).

To this day, there is only one I still keep in touch with. Let’s call him “John”.

We are friends on Facebook. He follows my Facebook page and sometimes is there when I do my live streams. He also follows my personal feed. Every now and then he’ll shoot me off a private message. Not very often. Maybe once a year or so.

Ya, that rare. But we do stay in touch.

He’s had many ups and downs. His last relationship, from what I can make of it, was toxic. He was with this woman for many years. After they separated (maybe 3 years ago?)he was bitter and angry.

The other day I got a message from him. He told me he met a lovely woman and they were getting married this spring. He also added this to the message:

I am so beyond happy and can say some of your words / experiences sent a message to this old brain. New me!

Wow!! Really? You are a new you because of me?? Oh Yay! I am making a difference! I am changing lives! I am helping people around the world be happier! Yay me!!

I doubt I will ever see John again but his words will always have such an impact on my life.

If you read something that has had an impact on your life, let the writer know. If you saw something that changed the way you think, let the creator know. If you see something beautiful in someone, tell them.

Many hearts are broken by words left unspoken.

As writers and creators, we often wonder if we’re making a difference, if anyone is really listening, if anyone cares. We ask ourselves ‘what’s it all for’?

It’s all for that one little message you get that let’s you know what you’re doing has made a huge impact. Even if it’s just for one person.

So my writing and creative friends, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep writing and creating. You are making a difference. You are helping someone. You are touching hearts and changing lives.

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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