I Don’t See Dead People

Please stop asking me how your mom is!

Iva Ursano
5 min readJan 13, 2022



I’m not a psychic or a medium. I’m not extra special in that way. I could be considered a little psycho at times, but psychic? Nope. I am, however, an Angel Card reader and highly intuitive.

That probably doesn’t mean much to many of you and that’s cool. That’s not what this article is about anyway. It’s not about me (shocker). I do, however, have to give you a wee bit of insight as to where this all comes from anyway.

Sit tight and bear with me while I do some boring self-promotion. You’ll see how it all ties in. Trust me.

Over on my Facebook page (you really should go check it out), I do Live videos once a week. Every Live has a powerful inspirational message (sometimes I even lecture you) and I end it with an Angel Card reading. Before I start the Angel Card reading I always give my disclaimer:

“I’m not a psychic, I’m not going to predict your future, I’m not going to tell you if your ex is coming back (and you don’t want the douchebag back anyway, smarten up) and I don’t see dead people

Yet…. I still get comments like this:

“Can you tell me if I’m going to get a new job soon?” No

“Can you see my dead Aunt, how is she doing?” No, but I’m sure she’s fine

“Does the new man at our office like me?” How the fuck should I know?


Stop asking.

Why do we need to know everything?

We’re curious creatures by nature. I’m just as guilty. I want to know who, what, where, when, and why. We want answers. Now. To everything. We want to know how things will turn out. We want to know if we’ll ever be rich. We want to know if the man/woman of our dreams is just around the corner.

Oh. There is so much we want, or should I say, need to know. Don’t get me wrong. I wanna know where the fuck the man of my dreams is too! I also want to know how much money I can expect to make by the end of this year.

Yup. I want to know all those things, and more, too.



Iva Ursano