I Asked 600,000 People This One Question

Here are their bizarre answers!

My Facebook page, Amazing Me Movement, is where I mostly share inspirational quotes posters, and blogs from my site. But every now and then I ask my peeps a question.

This week I asked them a fun and kinda silly question and I honestly wasn’t sure what type of responses to expect. What I got made me laugh, made me go “huh?” and had me shaking my head a few times.

Owning a Facebook page is frustrating

I have a love/hate relationship with my page. I love sharing all kinds of stuff that will help, inspire, motivate, and amuse my peeps. I’m also desperately trying to make Facebook happy and give them what they want, though to be honest, I’m not even sure what that is anymore.

As a Facebook page owner, I do my best to keep my content engaging and light. Facebook can be a bitch sometimes and if you also own a Facebook page you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Lately, engagement has hit rock bottom, and the only way to give it a boost is to post engaging content. I try to post memes/quotes that make them want to share with their peeps, blogs that they will read, and also share but I also like to have some fun on my page too.

The fun ones usually get the most engagement and this one poster/question I’m talking about did not disappoint.

The million-dollar question

One super engaging post I like to share once a year or so is the “where are you from?” poster. It normally gets hundreds, sometimes even thousands of comments, and it’s fun to see where all my fans are from.

This is probably one of my favourite posters to share.

The other day I came across a fun one from another very popular Facebook page and I decided to give it a try on my page. Ooph.

So I’m gonna share the question (obviously) and some of the answers I got. When we’re done, feel free to answer the question too and then I’ll give my answer at the end as well.

What’s in your purse that you think no one else has in theirs?

Now clearly, if you’re a dude, you can’t answer this question, unless you’re a dude who happens to carry a purse around. All good. Then we all want to know what’s in your purse!

And…….drum roll please….. here are some of the most bizarre items people claim to have in their purses.

At the top of the list is this one:

  • “My daughters umbilical cord clamp…it’s been 27 years… always with me” -(what the actual fuck??)
  • “My husband’s ashes”- (umm…..)
  • “Holy water”- (something you know that we should know?)
  • “Cat ears”- (wait….what??)
  • “My rosary”- (fair enough!)
  • “Thermometer”- (for what purpose exactly?-don’t bend over in front of her!)
  • “Oxygen wrench”- (I don’t even know what that is-you win!)
  • “Measuring tape”- (because…in case of what?)
  • “Fresh cream for those unexpected hookups”- (cream? Am I doing this wrong?)
  • “A bottom denture plate”- (in case of…?)
  • “Small bottle of Frank’s hot sauce-I put that shit on everything”- (ah yes, don’t leave home without it!)
  • “My bible”- (well, you never know when you may have to recite some bible verses-perhaps perform an exorcism-good plan!)
  • “My 12th wali farewell photo”-(is this a good thing or a bad thing this wali thing?)
  • “A month worth of RX”- (I feel ya girl)
  • “Massage lotion”- (do you need my address?)
  • “A leaf of bay leaves”- (ah you never know when those will come in handy!)
  • “Knife sharpener”- (because no one should ever own a dull knife)
  • “Tiny scissors”- (I normally would not be concerned about this but it was all in caps like this >> TINY SCISSORS which kinda freaked me out a bit Felicia)
  • “The lock key to my revolver”- (word of advice-stay on her good side)
  • “Redfruits powder for beauty skin”-(what colour and flavour is it??)
  • “A pewter acorn”- (cute!)

Many women had knives and gum and the usual random girly stuff ;). A few other items included:

  • prayer cloth
  • identification
  • playing cards
  • nail clippers

When they say never to touch a women’s purse or go into it without asking, now I really know why. There is some strange shit in some women’s purses!!

So what’s in your purse?

I actually had to think about this a bit to think of what one odd thing I may have that no one else has and the only thing I could come up with is motion sickness pills.

I do an awful lot of traveling (normally) and you never know when your stomach is just gonna tap out. I keep these pills on hand always.

So, girls (or possibly even guys?), what’s one odd item in your purse that you are certain no one has in theirs. Curious minds want to know!

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