How the Number of Followers You Have is Just a Vanity Metric

Don’t be upset. We still love you ❤

As I sat here yesterday during the global Facebook crash I stared blankly at my Facebook business page. It’s pretty. It’s full of all kinds of fun inspirational posters, videos and blogs. You should really go check it out.

It really is a beautiful page. You can see I have 617,872 fans on it. I worked my butt off to get it there. Once I got to 600K I started relaxing a bit and not putting in so much effort. More on that in a minute.

Oddly enough, I have 653 people following my personal account. No clue why but whatever.

Over on my Pinterest account I just crossed over 20K followers. I’m actually pretty proud and excited about this number. Again, I worked my butt off.

On Twitter I have 1512 followers. Colour me clueless. I have no idea what goes on over there. 🤷‍♀️

On Instagram I have 4034 followers. I do my best to engage over there daily. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I still haven’t quite figured out Instagram either.

Here on Medium I have 1457 followers (thank you I ❤ you).

So let’s do some really quick and easy math here. If I add all those numbers up they equal 645, 528 followers.

Wow. Almost three quarters of a million people follow me. That’s a number any one would be proud of, amirite?

Well, yes and no. I mean, sure that’s a pretty impressive number of followers for a girl from Northern Ontario Canada who had a big dream to reach people around the world with her messages of positivity and hope.

But I don’t actually reach 645K people daily, weekly or even monthly (mind you, Pinterest is the exception to this). Have a look at some numbers from my Facebook business page:

You can see I only reach 444K people a week (and you can also see that’s down 44%) and only 62K of them actually engage. Hmm.

People are always so shocked when I tell them how many people follow my Facebook page. Yes it’s a lot. Does it do anything for me income wise? Not.a.fucking.thing.

Just a vanity number.

I do Lives once or twice a week with around 3–5K viewers. I love doing these and interacting with the peeps on the show. Does this do anything for me income wise? Nope.

Just another vanity number.

I won’t talk about Twitter or Instagram because I don’t even know what I’m doing over there or why I’m even on them.

I would, however, love to talk about Pinterest. I could talk about that ‘til the cows come home. I ❤ Pinterest with every ounce of me. I do have over 20K followers now, in just over a year, and they are VERY engaged over there. I love Pinterest peeps (just not some of the comments they spew).

On Pinterest I have a little over 8 million monthly views. Yes, another mind blowing number and also yes, just another vanity metric. But who wouldn’t want to show that number off?!

Now keep in mind Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. It’s a search engine which means I don’t actually even have to engage over there. Just create and pin. Gotta love it.

Pinterest pays all my bills and then some. Because of Pinterest, I am now with a higher paying ad network over on my website and my earnings have gone through the roof.

Here on Medium I have a little over 1400 followers. They don’t all engage. I know this just by checking my stats. Only about 15–100 people actually read my stuff. If I have a super good story, I may get 250 reads. All good. I appreciate each and every one of you.

I’m just happy when anyone reads any of my stuff. Who wouldn’t be?

I appreciate each and every single follower I do have, on all platforms across the board, even though I don’t really see many of them interacting on my stuff.

It’s all just numbers.

Call me vain, I don’t care

But these numbers mean something to me. Yes, they are a vanity metric but they are also something else. Something very important to me.

Regardless of the fact that I actually don’t have 645K engaging and interacting with me on a daily basis (thank Christ for that, I’d never sleep) this number proves to me one very important thing:

anything is possible.

This number shows me that when you work hard and you want something bad enough, it can happen for you.

This number proves to me that no matter who you are, what kind of background you came from or what obstacles you’ve faced in your life, with enough hard work and determination, you can reach your goals!

This number proves to me that I’m not ‘ a loser’ or ‘good for nothing bum’.

This number proves to me that the sky is the limit. There is no ceiling on what you can achieve if you want it bad enough.

So yes, it’s a vanity metric, but you know what, I’ll fucking take it.

I worked myself to the bone to get to where I am today and I’m proud of every follower I’ve picked up along the way. I ❤ you guys to the moon and back, whether you engage or not.

I know that someone is reading my stuff and it’s making their day better. I know that one blog I wrote gave someone hope. I know that one inspirational poster I created is now someone’s profile pic and they look at it daily and it empowers them.

I know my work isn’t for nothing. 645K followers or 645. If I reach at least one person and help them get through their day, I’m a happy person.

Independent of the fact that the number of followers I have, or you have, is only a vanity metric, it’s a number to be proud of. It shows that we believed in ourselves enough to put in the work to share our stuff with the world.

Many only dream of doing what we are actually doing.

Vanity or not, be proud of it. I know I am.

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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