How Stupid YouTube Videos Help My Writer’s Block

And I mean, really stupid!!

For the past month or two I’ve been watching mindless YouTube videos. I have shiny object syndrome (SOS) so while I’m searching for a nice long playing zen out audio to listen to while I work, I see, flashing in neon colours, a silly satire video on someone bashing someone else’s video.

Over in the far left corner are news and weather bloopers and right under those are Dr. Phil’s creepiest guests ever. In the far right corner are horoscopes. SOS kicks in and I get lost in a sea of ridiculous videos. And the mindless viewing begins.

Microsoft Word is open, as is Medium ‘new story’ and even ‘new post’ in WordPress. Yup. They are all open and raring to go but not Iva. Instead I’m listening to some Oracle Card reader tell me that “something big and exciting is coming your way this week….”.

Wait. Tell me more!!

And I’m now locked in to this 45:26 video by Martha the Magical Fortune Teller, going into great detail about how amazing this week is going to be for me.

I also watch them at night too after I’m done reading all the great Medium stories from the awesome peeps in my tribe and a few select random ones.

But why do I do this? I know I should be working. It’s the middle of the afternoon, the best time for me to write. What’s going on? Not only do I have SOS, I also suffer from two other things. One being procrastination…

“Hi my name is Iva and I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator”.

There. I said it. I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. True story. But that’s not what keeps me from writing or why I get sucked into a vortex of ridiculously stupid YouTube videos. Nope.

The other thing I suffer from is writer’s block. Yup.

When I start watching YouTube videos it means my writer’s block has officially kicked in. That’s how I deal with it. When my mind is frozen, empty, tanked out and void of any signs of writer’s life, I resort to mindless video watching.

Does it help? You better believe it.

If I force myself to write, nothing good comes out. I have a few drafts here and a few drafts in WordPress from when I forced myself to write something ‘just write anything Iva’ and it came out as shit. I’ll go back and reread the drafts and wonder what the hell I was thinking or where that nonsense even came from.

I have to tap out when I’m going through writer’s block. I know some writers force words out. I tried and it just doesn’t work for me. Watching ridiculously fucking stupid videos works for me.

My brain is on fire 13 hours a day 7 days a week. It never stops. All it thinks about is work, writing, editing, work, creating, writing. It.just.doesn’t.stop. When there is that much chaos going on a mindless outlet is much needed and welcomed.

I stopped watching TV years ago because I found it to just be noise pollution but here I am 4 years later, desperately needing this pollution. I need it to clean my mind.

It calms me, it quiets my mind, it averts my attention to things that are funny, silly, unbelievable (like Martha) and mindless. I need this. Once my writer’s block has been cleared (thanx Dr. Phil and that bat shit crazy guest of yours) I’m ready.

I can’t force my writing. People say to ‘just write anyway’. It may work for some but it does nothing for me. What does it for me? Martha the Magical Fortune Teller, Dr. Phil and Atozy (he’s ridiculously cute and hilarious).

These things help flush out my mind, clear my writer’s block and get me ready for my day of creative writing. Like this.

What helps your writer’s block? I wanna know.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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